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With Serena down a set and a break, she's decided to go back to her old trusted play: cheating and verbally assaulting officials. This was a nasty play and total display of unsportsmanlike conduct.


I can't wait for the post match press conference. There's got to be a video there.


Let's go Sam!!!

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As my old landlady used to say, they sure are bossy heifers. lol
That is rude to say to someone who has done so much for women's tennis but some people are just ignorant i guess!

What has Serena done for women's tennis? Given an example for future juniors to shame officials so they can no longer enjoy their jobs. If you want to talk about ignorance, then you can't ignore the language she used on the official who called a foot fault on her. You can't ignore what the rules are regarding celebrating before the ball has bounce twice. 

To my eye, Serena hasn't added anything special to women's tennis. And I don't have to pay any respect to someone who doesn't respect others. She walks around like a diva but that gives her no right to treat other people in the sport, the officials, as pushover idiots that get in her way: "You better look the other way if you see me in the hallway" or "I'm gonna shove this f******* ball down your throat". Puh-lease! An eyesore to the sport!

Hey, that is the same chair umpire! What d'ya know. Well, at least, Serena acknowledges her mistake. Still looks goofy celebrating before the point is over.


Mary nailed it on the head.  Bad form indeed
Mary Carillo should've said that at the trophy ceremony. It would've given Serena the medicine she deserves.
I don't know why Mac thought it would've been good or advantageous of Stosur to offer a let rather than take the point. To quell down the crowd and Serena? Ridiculous!

OOh and she is unapologetic during the press conference..


Serena post match press conference

There is a very high probability that Serena is facing suspension since she is still serving probation on her profanity laced tirade of the foot fault call. I hope they take away her winnings as a finalist, not just fine her $10K.
I think she was fined 85 k last time plus suspension. She won 500k bonus for winning the olympus us open series plus prize money for making it to the final. They need to be firm and just so she will learn.
I actually agreed with Mac at the time.  I was thinking Sam should have said, hey "let's play a let."  Mainly because I was thinking this call would fire up Serena and that is the LAST thing Sam wants.  So by giving her the let, it would calm her down.  I was wrong, but at the time I would have bet $100 on a Serena comeback.

Playing a let would be just placating the dragon's anger. Mac used to get his way arguing with refs so it was probably why he suggested the let. He relates to Serena.

Sure, Sam was rattled, but the call stood and Sam held through the storm. She never challenged Serena directly, nor said later, Serena was wrong. True class.


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