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I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was 11.  I was in a tournament and I hit a winner around the net post.  The opponent complained and said it wasn't fair.  I said "fine, let's take this argument to the tournament director."  The director said that we should replay the point.  I told him that I knew the rules and this ruling is incorrect.  I asked him to look it up in the rule book.  HE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE RULE BOOK THERE! 

Needless to say, I lost the next point and never mentally recovered.  I was 11 after all.  I'm getting pissed off just thinking about it!

Do you have any rants against tennis officials?

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It was drizzling, I was serving and volleying successfully against the #1 seed, and was a break up.  It started to rain lightly I started to slip all over the place.  I stopped to ask the referee if we could stop, he GOD, said "No, I will let you know if its raining enough to stop".  We continued, it got worse and worse, I lost in straight sets, it rained on and off throughout the match.  The ref was a well known umpire on the ATP tour. When I see him in the chair, I cringe.

Normally, doesn't the ref allow the players to make the decision since they don't want to be responsible if someone gets hurt?

Oh i do.

Go on.

Ref said she wasn't going to call foot Faults on my opponent Because i was footfaulting. The thing is she believed that my toss into the court was a foot fault. Even though i never touched the court on my serve . After 20 minutes arguing With her in the final. I didn't want to play and lost. My opponent was footfaulting by 2 feet into the court the whole match.

Crazy.  I drives me nuts when someone in charge is less knowledgeable than the average tennis player.  Well, did you ask her if she had a copy of the rule book there?

We went through the rule book together for that 20 talk. Where read in the book ' a person cannot start any serve on the court. I told her i can be in the court not on. She told me i was wrong. Then after the match told me sorry. I told her you cheated me and cost me the match. And not to speak to me.

Sometimes people in charge think that they are the ones who make the rules  someone pls remind them they're humans too...

Thank you!  I can't believe that no one around could have corrected this guy!


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