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Question: To use a stiffer/slightly lighter racquet or a flexible/heavier racquet?

So I have finally found an acceptable stiff racquet that is maybe 12 grams lighter than my regular 360 gram Head Pro Tour 280. It is the Tecnifibre 325 VO2 max. Somewhat the same specs otherwise: 98 headsize, 20 vs. 21.5 mm beam, 18x20 vs 18x19 pattern. 

Difference is that I get more raw speed out of the Tecnifibre and sharper cuts on the ball, plus faster racquet head speed, greater spin. The venerable Head Pro Tour 280 gets bigger plow and weight on the ball, is more stable and the flatter kill shots are much better, my serves are heavier.

So far, I don't feel any jarring vibrations that would give me wrist or elbow problems with the Tecnifibre, and I like the idea of being to hit a faster ball. But I maybe giving up producing a heavy ball which is harder for my opponents to return.

Anyone with this same problem?

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Went to the heavier Head IG Prestige Pro and I am getting better stability on the volleys and the flatter drives. The Tecnifibre 325 is a good racquet, but I do better with the Prestige.

Flexible heavy racquets are ideal for control, feel, touch and avoiding arm injuries. They may lack power but you can make up for that with an elastic string at a low tension.

I've been using a couple elastic strings in the IG Prestige Pro. Head FXP Tour and Head IntelliTour hybrid.

I really like the FXP Tour because it is half poly, half multi and has a very spongy, fibrous gut feel.

The IntelliTour takes some while to break in, has a woody feel to it.

Definitely interesting strings by Head, that let you go back to an old school feel while using a stiff frame!


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