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I have never strung a racquet and know next to nothing. However since I'm a tennis fan, I have a hunch it would be kinda cool to learn how to string your own racquets and experiment. So, how easy is it to learn? What do you think of the Gamma X-2? Any other suggestions on stringing machines? What things to look out for? 

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hmm..I can get the Alpha for $469 delivered to my door. Ok, one more question. How do you pre-stretch string? 

You can tension each row twice. Or hang a weight to one end of the string and the other end from a height. I prefer to do the first.

Also, do not prestretch polys, only multis and guts. Synthetic gut I wouldn't prestretch either, since the broken chemical bonds are what gives it the characteristic feel.

I wouldn't stretch natural gut as it already has pretty good tension retention. I was thinking of my ALU Rough which are my crosses. They loose tension fairly quick and thought prestretching would help.

There is no problem in 2 piece stringing. on a klippermate. Im telling you from 10 years experience stringing on a klippermate. its the best affordable portable stringer. its perfect for beginners and when you get good stringing your own stuff it will take about 30min per racquet. and those clamps I posted I have been using  since 1996. I haven cleaned them and they hold perfect tension with out nicking the string or crushing it. I dont pre-stretch any string Most are already pre-stretch.

Remember there is a Learning Curve with stringing on different racquet, but if you really looking to just take care of yourself you will be just fine. if you are stringing 5 ten racquets a day then you will need an upgrade to a pull crank ( prince eos ) or a electric ( Gamma x-es.) but if you are stringing 3 racquets every 3 to 4 weeks klippermate is fine.

Its also small easy to store or put on a book self.


or a post by Steve Huff

08-04-2005, 12:49 PM
My opinion: I've tried the Klippermate and I have an old ATS Super Stringer (1979 model) which I don't use anymore. I didn't like the Klippermate's plastic racket holddowns on the mounting arms. Also, the mounting arms aren't very long, so there's less room to work with the clamps etc. Also, I upgraded my clamps to some very nice, heavy ones, as I hated the vice clamps on both models. These wouldn't fit under the stringbed of a Klippermate. But, I have not seen the new ATS models. I know they have a racheting string gripper. Not sure that's really that important, as you become proficient at learning how much slack to give the string after you've strung a number of rackets anyway. Also, the early vice clamps on my ATS were cheap, but they surely have improved upon them by now. If you string more than around 8 rackets/month, I'd think strongly about upgrading to a standup model, even if you have to finance it. You'd pay off the difference in no time.

fly clamps go on top.

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Re: how do you all...?
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I prefer a manual prestretch even though my machine offers a prestretch function.

At one end of the shop a doorknob resides.  I tie one end to the doorknob, uncoil the string (inspecting for imperfections along the way), and put either a starting or flying clamp on the other end.  I then lean into it (facing away in case something snaps or lets go) for 20 seconds.  I release for 5 seconds and then give it 10 more seconds of stretch.  

Whatever method you choose, consistency is the most important element.  As a matter of routine, I prestretch all synthetics except for the LaserFibre laser treated strings and I NEVER prestretch poly based string products.
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Also reading great things about stringway machines. ML100 is $767 with flying clamps or $962 with fixed. Very cool machines but this stringing thing is getting more and more expensive. Paying for itself will be a while for my measly twice a month.

String other people's racquets if you want it to pay for itself and then some. I strung 530 racquets in two years. Paid off my used Neos which I got for $500 easily.

When you get to Atlanta I will teach you how to string on the klippermate


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