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I have never strung a racquet and know next to nothing. However since I'm a tennis fan, I have a hunch it would be kinda cool to learn how to string your own racquets and experiment. So, how easy is it to learn? What do you think of the Gamma X-2? Any other suggestions on stringing machines? What things to look out for? 

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hmm..I can get the Alpha for $469 delivered to my door. Ok, one more question. How do you pre-stretch string? 

You can tension each row twice. Or hang a weight to one end of the string and the other end from a height. I prefer to do the first.

Also, do not prestretch polys, only multis and guts. Synthetic gut I wouldn't prestretch either, since the broken chemical bonds are what gives it the characteristic feel.

I wouldn't stretch natural gut as it already has pretty good tension retention. I was thinking of my ALU Rough which are my crosses. They loose tension fairly quick and thought prestretching would help.

There is no problem in 2 piece stringing. on a klippermate. Im telling you from 10 years experience stringing on a klippermate. its the best affordable portable stringer. its perfect for beginners and when you get good stringing your own stuff it will take about 30min per racquet. and those clamps I posted I have been using  since 1996. I haven cleaned them and they hold perfect tension with out nicking the string or crushing it. I dont pre-stretch any string Most are already pre-stretch.

Remember there is a Learning Curve with stringing on different racquet, but if you really looking to just take care of yourself you will be just fine. if you are stringing 5 ten racquets a day then you will need an upgrade to a pull crank ( prince eos ) or a electric ( Gamma x-es.) but if you are stringing 3 racquets every 3 to 4 weeks klippermate is fine.

Its also small easy to store or put on a book self.


or a post by Steve Huff

08-04-2005, 12:49 PM
My opinion: I've tried the Klippermate and I have an old ATS Super Stringer (1979 model) which I don't use anymore. I didn't like the Klippermate's plastic racket holddowns on the mounting arms. Also, the mounting arms aren't very long, so there's less room to work with the clamps etc. Also, I upgraded my clamps to some very nice, heavy ones, as I hated the vice clamps on both models. These wouldn't fit under the stringbed of a Klippermate. But, I have not seen the new ATS models. I know they have a racheting string gripper. Not sure that's really that important, as you become proficient at learning how much slack to give the string after you've strung a number of rackets anyway. Also, the early vice clamps on my ATS were cheap, but they surely have improved upon them by now. If you string more than around 8 rackets/month, I'd think strongly about upgrading to a standup model, even if you have to finance it. You'd pay off the difference in no time.

fly clamps go on top.

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Re: how do you all...?
Reply #6 - Jun 11th, 2008, 6:45am
I prefer a manual prestretch even though my machine offers a prestretch function.

At one end of the shop a doorknob resides.  I tie one end to the doorknob, uncoil the string (inspecting for imperfections along the way), and put either a starting or flying clamp on the other end.  I then lean into it (facing away in case something snaps or lets go) for 20 seconds.  I release for 5 seconds and then give it 10 more seconds of stretch.  

Whatever method you choose, consistency is the most important element.  As a matter of routine, I prestretch all synthetics except for the LaserFibre laser treated strings and I NEVER prestretch poly based string products.
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Also reading great things about stringway machines. ML100 is $767 with flying clamps or $962 with fixed. Very cool machines but this stringing thing is getting more and more expensive. Paying for itself will be a while for my measly twice a month.

String other people's racquets if you want it to pay for itself and then some. I strung 530 racquets in two years. Paid off my used Neos which I got for $500 easily.

When you get to Atlanta I will teach you how to string on the klippermate

Some people wrote that Klippermate Clamps are "glorified vise grip". It is clear that they do not understand the engineering task at hand: the Clamps must serve only one most important function: to be the strongest Vise possible, to Grip the strings securely, without slippage. Klippermate Clamps are very rare clamps that do exactly this, that achieve this single purpose of stringing clamps. Moreover, most clamps wear out too fast and do not "grip" strings in a "vice" like fashion, and the slippage begins. I have read too many reviews about most other clamps. That's why (second reason) Klippermate Clamps are guaranteed for LIFETIME. Thirdly, the price is almost same as those cheap plastic self-destructable Gamma bright colorful clamps that last only about 10 raquet strinings. Also, the usability, functionality and convenience during usage is incredible because they have comphortable handles (not as those plastic red unwieldy things). Incredible clamps. Incredible grip! Incredible price! The fourth important thing is that clamps do not leave any marks on the strings, do not damage the strings. Klippermate grips them in a vise without damaging or leaving any marks. Many users on different sites testify to that. Conclusion: even the people who wanted to bash the clamps, confirmed that clamps performed their "vise grip" funtions so well. Even the "opponents" actually "GLORIFIED" these clams. Amazing. As an engineer, I cannot add anything more. Let the "opponents' speak for themselves.


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