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I have never strung a racquet and know next to nothing. However since I'm a tennis fan, I have a hunch it would be kinda cool to learn how to string your own racquets and experiment. So, how easy is it to learn? What do you think of the Gamma X-2? Any other suggestions on stringing machines? What things to look out for? 

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Replies to This Discussion review. clamps suck.

Klipper mate still better. it hasnt change design in over 30 years.

Klippermate clamps are nothing other than a glorified vise grip. Now these are real clamps: Stringway ML200.

horrible.clamp.Stringway ML200.

this will be better PN-3080
Tennis Floating Clamp

That puny Eagnas floating clamp with the huge spring is not better than a clamp off a $1100-1300 machine. Look at the number of teeth, the width of the jaw, and the actual lever mechanism.

One's built to last, the other one is made in China.

So far I'm really leaning towards the klippermate. Great price, small foot print, a good starter machine to learn on, good customer service and gets good reviews. I'm just stringing for myself perhaps a couple of times a month at most. I can also sell and purchase something more sophisticated once I learn how to string and will have a better understanding of what to look for. Drop weights don't seem to need calibration but coach V, do you get good accuracy on tension? 

Oh, and have you strung your woody with the klippernate?

I get perfect tension. Derek D & I Did a test on tension and stringing ability. MY tension with the Klippermate was right on the money at 58lbs and the Prince eos which is a $1100 was off by 1lbs. klippermate won using a tension meter. prince eos won on speed.  i have not strung a wood on a klippermate but it would not matter it would be the same as stringing on my gamma x-es.

Well, if you are looking for a beginner stringer, it is a learning machine. But it depends what quality you want.

If you want to string more than two racquets a day on weekends, Klippermate is a no. If you want to be able to do hybrids, Klippermate is a no. If you want to be sure your racquet's hoop is not distorted over time, Klippermate is a no.

If you want to do an oil change with cheap tools, it can be done cheap with an crescent wrench and a vise grip. It might take you a long time, and you might make a mess of things. Same thing. Who knows, you might do well with coarse tools and be speedy. It's up to you. hehe

Seriously Tim, did you put on horns and grab a pitch fork before you wrote that? Yes, its defintely for a novice and someone trying to learn. However I checked every forum and review I could find and people really like the little stringer that can. Some of them have years stringing under their belt and admit, no bells and whistles but reliable, accurate and easy to learn on. Haven't see a single complaint of a distorted hoop or cracked racquet while stringing or after. A few people said the clamps do slip once in a while but you just need to clean well with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol and good as new. Why in the world can't I hybrid? people do hybrids with it. I'd love a super dooper like your stringer but I wanna learn first. 

Seriously not. Well, you asked for my opinion and that is my opinion. I certainly don't change my opinion to suit yours or V. I don't hate the Klippermate, but I would never use it on my own racquets knowing what I know. Would you set a broken arm on a splint or a cast? 

Well, let me clarify. You will often times come up short with the cross if you buy two 40 ft packs (one poly/ one cross). Because the string has to be wound around the wheel, you need extra length. You may come up short and then you will have to buy another pack to make up for it.

All I suggest is to spend two hundred more for something you won't have to resell. I see many Gamma X-2 and Klippermates sold on Craigslist for 60-90 bucks. Should tell you something indirectly.

In all honesty, the part of me that wants the cooler stringer wants the Alpha Panasonic DC plus. I also looked at your Prince NEOS and does get rave reviews. I just thought the klippermate pays for itself in 4 or 5 string jobs. About what I need to get a clue. Even if I sell it for $50 after a year, I'm still ahead. It is the analytical side of me. But of course I want to hybrid because thats my racquet stringing choice. In fact, if I can't hybrid then yes, that would make the stringer redundant for me. So you're saying I won't run into this problem with the alpha?

The Alpha Pioneer DC Plus has a linear gripper, unlike the Gamma with its cam roller or the Klippermate with its non ratcheting black wheel. Takes far less extra string length per pull and you will have to surely only buy 2 packs of 40 ft string.

Alpha is built with heavy grade steel. Plus, their customer service is second to none.


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