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What Will Be your New Year Tennis Resolutions?

Please up date all Here on this discussion for the New Year of 2014. I Accomplished all my 2014 Goals

add PICs and stuff of interest about you and your resolutions.

Have a Maximum of five no minimum.

Here is My List for every Year of my life.

1. Establish and Gain More tennis players for my Tennis programs and classes. Accomplished !!!
2 Lose some of my 205LBS and get back into playing shape. Start Training today Accomplished!!!!
3 Love more ( hey lady's) Accomplished!!!!!
4 Play more tennis with my Baby girl Accomplished!!!!
5 KICK SOME BUTT. Accomplished!!!!! check out Mens 30 Rankings USTA
6 Teach players to kick some Butt Accomplished!!!!

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Great post! I'm going to mull this over and come back to share.
1. Stabalize my serve. Get more rigorous with my toss and keeping my head up.
2. Gain confidence in my topspin forehand.
3. Learn to play like I practice. Don't get tight in tight situations.
4. Improve my aggressive doubles play. Improving the split-step and closing in on the net.

Mine is:

1. Work harder on my fitness
2. Become stronger mentally
3. be happier and smile more (I've already done wonders with this one :) )
Dear Coach-V,

I certainly think that my 2010 resolution is going to be based on several varying topics, which would include the following:

(1) Building long-term relationships with both clients and friends.
(2) Giving back to the community in various ways (i.e., free tennis lessons, mentoring, coaching) and such!
(3) Becoming healthier in my eating and excercising routines (daily).
(4) Reading at least one book a week on varying topics of choice.
(5) Networking with other business owners in the same industry and coming up with a national campaign to increase tennis
participation and awareness.

This is the basic essential list, meaning that everything that I've just stated has a time-line of 12 months or more. I have daily, weekly and monthly goals that I set and track accordingly, to keep myself sharp and in tne know.


Jason Lampione (Primary) (Secondary)
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Quantum Performance Transformer
"Success is a winners positive attitude in the face of adversity."
-Jason Lampione.
rebirth of my thread.
I'm gonna play my heart out this season.  Practice, practice and practice!  Currently, I'm playing 4-5 times a week, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.  Then, when the season is over, rest and heal my Plantar Fasciitis.

Where are you now?

Check in on New years Resolutions 2011 mid May.

Improving and WINNING!  :)

Please like this post.

Please post.

This years changes Are lose some of 205 lbs. Kid-v starts tennis this year Officially. tournament run this year mens 35 . What is everyone's else new year tennis reses

1. Work on my fitness

2. Lose 5 lbs (achievable goals ;-)

3. Play more singles

4. Take a lesson, camp, or get a critique from a pro

5. Work on 2nd serve, make it the weapon that it should be and not just a point starter.

Here is a tip.. On second serves....there are no second serves.


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