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New Tech VS. Legacy ..... Old Man VS Young MAN..... DEREK D. VS COACHV Bronx Championships

in OCT this year The KING! of Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx Will be decided!

Come watch the Match at

Pelham Bay Park Monday Oct 8th 1 Middle town rd Bronx NY,

or RICE Stadium pelham bay PArk. bring seats. Cameras.

Derek David Bronx Tennis Society Coordinator Using "New Technology" from Head aka The HEAD Speed PRO Will be Facing

CoachV of better Tennis Fast & Simple. Using Wood Racquets. "legacy"

Derek is 56

CoachV (dam) 35

Derek has a longer win Record over CoachV, (But he Cheated CoachV to do it!)

the Match will be Video Tape & Broadcast in OCTOBER.

Who do you think will WIN.

There is Also $100 prize money on the line!

there will be three camera views Lines People

Derek David
  • Male
  • Bronx, NY
  • United States
I am a:
Tennis Fan, Tournament or League Player, Racquet Stringer
Random things about me (hobbies, occupation, tennis history, favorite band, etc.):
Tennis Fanatic (twice, I played 20 sets of singles in one day/ in 1980, I probably hit more tennis balls than anyone else on the planet)
Favorite pro tennis player(s):
Bjorn Borg, Raphael Nadal
My tennis skill (please check your NTRP if you know it):
NTRP 5.0, If tennis is on TV - I am watching
On the court, I am a:
rightie, poacher, doubles partner, singles player, rooter, serve-n-volleyer, acer, returner, two-hander, trash talker, top-spinner, all courter, sore loser, tournament goer
My favorite local courts:
Pelham Bay Park, Bronx
Relationship status:
Favorite website:

CoachV - William Vazquez -

I am a:
Tennis Fan, Tournament or League Player, Teaching Pro or Coach, Playing Pro, Racquet Stringer, Tennis Shop Owner, Tennis Club Manager, Tennis Media, Tennis Product Rep, Other
Neighborhood or other helpful location info:
Marietta, Vinings, Kennesaw, Atlanta, Smyrna, Cobb County,Sandy Springs, GA
Favorite pro tennis player(s):
Peter Korda, Michael Chang, Gustavo Kurtan, Federer, McEnroe, Agassi, nadal, Vince Spadea,Federer, Nadal, William Vazquez
My tennis skill (please check your NTRP if you know it):
Im a pro, Pretty damn good, NTRP 5.0, NTRP 5.5, NTRP 6.0, What is NTRP
On the court, I am a:
lefty, rightie, hacker, pusher, chip-n-charger, trixter, slicer, whaler, poacher, doubles partner, singles player, serve-n-volleyer, acer, returner, one-hander, cheater, gamer, choker, beginner, trash talker, top-spinner, lobber, moon baller, baseliner, all courter, drop-shotter, gracious winner, sore loser, gracious loser, cramper, heckler, tournament goer
The Video Might be up Come back to Check!!!! Also there is a Special handicap match very funny at 43:50

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As far as cheating goes, I only cheated coach V on a single call.  It was the only time in my long, respectable tennis career that I cheated my opponent even though I did not feel my opponent had cheated me.  I confessed to coach V about a month later that I did cheat him on that point.  Anyone who knows me from tennis, knows how much I despise cheating.  Whenever I relate this story to others who know me, they ask, "Why did you cheat him?"  I always reply, "I guess my desire to win overwhelmed my desire to play fairly."  I was the first person to instruct coach V that the best way to handle a cheater was to cheat him back!  In fact I usually cheat my opponent back twice for each time they cheat me (two for one).  I usually explain this to cheaters by saying, "the more you cheat me the worse you lose!".  Most tennis players hate playing cheaters because they don't have a good counter-strategy,  They don't like to cheat back because they think it is "stooping to their level".  On the other hand, I love playing cheaters.  They very often don't know that I already have a scouting report on their cheating.  Cheaters can go for years not knowing that most of their opponents know they are cheating because few opponents confront them.  Most cheaters either stop playing with me or I turn them into pussy cats (non-cheaters) because they see it is futile to cheat me on a consistent basis.  Of course it is always possible for a cheater to occasionally call a ball on the baseline out, without me knowing for sure if they cheated me.  Anyway, I like to think of myself as "The Cheater Killer".  I stop cheaters in their tracks.  I'm a 5.0 but if I encounter a 2.0 cheater whom I can destroy without cheating; guess what?  I will cheat the 2.0 cheater.  Usually when I cheat, I call balls close to the baseline "out"; but sometimes I like to let my cheating opponent know that I am cheating him back so I call shots that are at least a foot inside the baseline "out"!  Once when I did that I broke into a hysterical laugh and rolled on the ground while looking at my opponents helpless expression.  I just couldn't control the pleasure I felt at getting revenge.  Coach V is extremely honest when it comes to line calls.

so in short, derek is a cheater and Im not. derek cheats me but i dont cheat back, so in conclusion derek is a cheater. Well guess what.... even is you cheat there will be cameras, so you will not be able to get away with it.

Hmm, is cheating back good? Well, might as well not play a game at all. And what if you are actually wrong thinking the ball is on the baseline and it is out by an inch. You would be the first to cheat if you cheated back. Gotta wonder about that.

Well, on the other hand, I confronted a regular partner on his cheating by telling him that it was not only myself who thought he cheated. I told him several other partners thought he cheated. After that, he told me, later that afternoon, it hurt to hear that people thought that of him. And his line calls became much, much better. 

well at pelham bay there are "MANY" players there that think they are better than what they are so when they encounter anything that goes against that belief they cheat. uheam let me clear my throat. ( Derek )


there is a Guy who came to the park his name rhymes with Lorenzo so we will call him lorenzi.

So lorenzi, while i was at my club in 2006/2007 he was beating up the locals and claiming that he was the KING! .

I heard about this and confronted him say i was gonna kick his ass.(on the court)

now lorenzo err....i mean lorenzi cheated me multiple times in my younger days and even threaten me before a match. lorenzo error sorry lorenzi said to me i was doing drugs, and that he was gonna arrest men or bring me in to questioning..(because he was a bullshit cop or something like that)...and also he was driving me to the worst court in the bronx. the set up is bad, no one plays there, lorenzi could not play at pelham for some reason. there were a couple of other threats as well, things that cant be helped like, new balls...because i am poor.and a child.

so he beats me as a kid.

so in 2007 i said you cannot beat me he though i was full of it, well I beat him 6-0 6-3,

then lorenzo error i ment to say lorenzi, then he went to everyone even called derek saying i cheated him to win and that he was still the king!. ...

so i played him again......i win 6-3 6-0. then he was never heard of again he moved to FL

So how old were you when he beat you the first time? You're 35 now. This must be before 2000 for sure.

That is correct Tim we are talking about 1996 till 1999. I didn't get back my backhand until 2003. First time might have been 1996 that's Lorenzo. Derek will concur that Lorenzo is an ass hole. Derek started beating me summer 1996.

Well, post a pic of Lorenzo. lol

Yes Lorenzo is an asshole.  Everyone who encounters him says he has the biggest ego ever.  He actually does not cheat on line calls that often but that is only because he doesn't want to ruin the great reputation he thinks he has.  He uses gamesmanship and intimidation to win.  A typical Lorenzo move would be to strut big and bad towards the net, while flexing his muscles, starring down his opponent then saying, "are you sure my serve was out".  Very often this will occur after he hits a 2nd serve long by over a foot!  Lorenzo is one of those players who serves at 100 mph but gets in about 10 percent of his first serves.  Amazingly, Lorenzo is not the biggest asshole ever in tennis.  I nominate a player who I have dubbed Eric Cheater (#2 for the Yankees).  If many of us on Tennisoppolis, shot video of the local player whom they think is the biggest tennis asshole,  then we all get together to play all the videos, then vote, I bet Eric Cheater wins the asshole award

PS Derek is so old that He thinks players are calling the ball out but really they are saying its game. and your wagon is here to take you home.

I should probably just stay out of this but I can't follow what's going on.

CoachV, you say that you are a 5.0 and a 6.0? I'm sure that you realize the difference between these playing levels is huge. You can't be both. A 6.0 tennis player is nearing the pro level a 5.0 is basically a stronger than average rec player.

Also, your profile lists several different playing styles like S&V and pushing, which are incompatible with each other.

Since I have really no understanding of what may transpire, it's difficult to have an opinion one way or the other.


Uh oh. Here we go...

So Alex ....u. saying. That its illegal for me to push and serve&volley?
And ur also saying that being a 6.0 on a bad day I can't play like a 5.0 or lesser?
Or is it the clutter of my profile u dislike?
Either or I am trying to b funny with my profile and also i can perform everything in my profile
On all levels. So what applies to me or I can do it on court I marked. If u think its silly u can b next.


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