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NEW 1995 Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 Midsize for sale!!!!!!! (85 sq. in)

Hello everyone, Looking to sell my Pete Sampras Pro Staff.  It has never been hit with, but It was strung once by Holabird Sports (Maryland) when I first purchased it.  I am the original owner.  Has original full length cover.    I am looking to get $300 for it.   If I dont get it, I will just put it back in my safe.  Dont miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of tennis history!!!!!!





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Wow, I didn't know that they were that sought after. Have you seen what they are going for on ebay Ivan?
Mark, yeah, they are pretty expensive.... From what i hear, the most sought after are the pro staffs made in St. Vincent, some caribbean island. I think its a myth as I bought mine from the most reputable tennis place in the 1980's and 1990's. Back in the day , i got the TENNIS magazine with my USTA membership and there were a few tennis places that advertised in that magazine. I bought the racquet in 1995 as Sampras was the most dominant player I had ever seen, plus Chris Evert and I remember JImmy connors even played with the pro staff. Its an 85 sq inch head size, just perfect size, in my opinion. If I were a Wilson racquet guy, that would be the racquet to buy, the Pro staff 6.0.

Ivan Jr.
$300 are you serious???

Well, the St. Vincents are worth that much mint. There are ways to tell where it came from. There are the early Chicago ones, some bumperless. Then there are the St. Vincents. They had red primer paint underneath and a softer feel, due to the braided graphite. The grommet well edge has a smooth, squared edge and is not rounded. The print on the inside of the throat is smaller in font size than the later models. 

When they went to Taiwan, and then China, they went to a unidirectional graphite design. The Taiwan and China ones are worth around $150-200 mint. I bought a Taiwan one that was 7.5/10 condition for $100 and I absolutely hated it once I started rallying with it. It was far too stiff and lacking the feel I remembered of the St. Vincents.

I would make sure to know if it is a St. Vincent or Chicago before selling it for that much. Otherwise, you might get a guy who is hoping for that and is going to be hopping mad it isn't. I don't know what Holabird's had for stock during the time you bought yours, but don't rely on the three letter buttcap code either. Having a Q in it does not necessarily mean it's a St. Vincent.

Here is a thread from the Tennis Warehouse forum explaining everything:

Hey, have you sold the prostaff?


No, I still havent sold it!  I ve been lugging that thing around forever!  They say its the greatest racquet ever made.
DMR said:
Hey, have you sold the prostaff?


Do you have a few pics?


Tony Schifano said:
$300 are you serious???  Yeah, dude, im totally serious.   If you a brand new Pro staff from 1995 thats never been hit with, thats the going rate.  This racquet isnt for cheap people.

I'm very fimiliar with the racquet.  I would have to agree with the Mayor.  Ebay has a few new racquets.  I also used the same racquet while I was playing on my college team.  I also just won a bid for the exact same racquet on ebay, but it was slighty used.  I got it for $66.  Actually it's still in the mail.  I just got done paying the guy on paypal two days ago.


I hope you can get what you want for that racquet.


Happy New Year.


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