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For the record I would like to say to all of the haters of Serena, she is still a great player who has broken records, raised the game for women, and beat so many other odds in her life.  Instead of saying something negative how about NOT SAYING anything at all.  It is so sad to hear and see people who are quick to be negative.  Even though I am a huge Serena fan, I have nothing negative to say about the Ref of Stouser.  Life is to short to criticize.  We have all made mistake while playing a match but really all the negative comments are useless.  Serena is accepted hugly by our community and no matter what the haters say she has GAME! 

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I agree.  at least she didnt threaten to choke or kill anybody this time!  hee hee hee heee hee

There are alot of people that used to be Serena fans, but after what she has done lately, have given up on her. I am one of them. I had been happy watching Serena and Venus, who I still like. But greatness is only measured by grace, and she has lost that by being unapologetic. It is a mark of a true champion to admit they are wrong. She did footfault and she did shout "C'mon!" before the point was over. She should've just went on and kept her grace. 

I feel the same way about Tiger Woods, a champion who has lost his grace. Or Mike Tyson. Or Lance Armstrong. Sure, they became the best in their respective sports. But how they admit to their wrongdoings is also a mark the public has to determine, in order to see if the respect they lend to their heroes is truly deserved.

If someone tries to determine who their heroes are, they are not being negative. They are being choosy and for good reason. These are the people one chooses to BELIEVE in.

Thank you for your comment. We must remember champions are human! Apology or not mist comments attack this graceful woman's character relentlessly. She has been playing for years and yes her conduct has not always been perfect but name one person who has besides Jesus. Serena usually handles herself with much grace but I understand she is human with emotions. Her shout came from a good place and people pounced on her so she was defensive. Not the best reaction but a human one. Johnny Mac built a career on outburst and people praised and love him. In fact I don't remember much being said about his tantrums. Serena is a true champion but if you want a perfect hero you might want to consider God.

Rod Laver, Pete Sampras, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, Stefan Edberg, Arthur Ashe, Bjorn Borg, Billie Jean King, Chris Evert are examples to me of true champions. Maybe some of these haven't accomplished as much, but they won with enough grace and sportsmanship, that I remember them fondly.

Serena I would say is now a fairly good champion. Not great, graceful or true. I wouldn't pick her as an example to my children, if I had any. It was nice to see her break the color line just like Tiger Woods, but I think Arthur Ashe did the same but better. I just wish Tiger and Serena had kept Ashe's lead dignified.

My heroes do not have to be perfect. They just have to be true to the spirit. They don't have to believe in God either. But if they choose so, then good.

Spot on!!! The mark of a true champion is their virtue in both victory and defeat. Serena has issues commending her opponents when she gets outplayed and blames it merely on her poor performance.

Christina, I admit that she too, is human. However, being human also entails admitting to any wrongs and rectifying our errors. In this situation, she would garner more empathy and gain more praise for offering an apology rather than giving an excuse (She just tweeted "My emotions got the best of me")


She does bring a lot of revenue to the game which probably explains the light slap in the wrist this time around. Considering she is still on probation at the time of the incident, the Aussie Open officials were probably already getting on the horn -- begging for her to be let off easily. Everyone wants a rematch down under.

A true champion's bearing should be in a critical moment, "I don't need this point. You want this point, [ref or opponent]? You can have this point, because to take this point makes me look undignified." And quietly go onto the next point, knowing they are good enough to get another one.
Points taken. I choose not to judge someone's character or conduct as I can only change my conduct. God grant me the serenity th change the things I can ( which is me), the courage to accept the things o can't(others), the wisdom to know the difference! I am not here to convince anyone of my beliefs but to have an opinion. When you start expecting athletes to influence your children might be a tall order. Again as for me my Hero and role model is God. U say this with authority and love. I do respectfully hear everyone's comment they all matter! It is the gift of freedom of speech. In sharing my strong opinion I also value who all shared.

This is my response to Chin Be:  I'm sorry, but that's easy for you to say.  You don't play at that same level, with that same intensity.  What's the big deal about her commending her opponents after a loss--which she does, by the way.  Again, you saw a few instances where a champion blames herself for her loss, and you feel like everyone who wins a point against her deserves a cookie and a pat on the back.  Are you insane?  Get a grip Chin Be.  I have to point out--once more--that this is merely a personal issue you got against the girl.  I mean, really?  that's what champions do.  I don't hear you talking about the great Johny Mac when every single match he played, he had an outburst ten times more severe than Serena's two combined!  Don't be ridiculous. 

Jump in, Christina. This is your discussion, girl. I'm just a moderator here on this site. But to Paul C., you've got some points there, but no need to ask Chin if he's insane and that he needs to get a grip. Get your points across without being inflammatory.
I would not consider Paul's comment inflammatory, just his opinion.  I Hope Paul C knows his comments are valid and respected!!!
Questioning someone's sanity is inflammatory. Not a positive way to constructively argue or hold a discussion. His comments otherwise merit discussion, but asking if someone is insane puts someone on a defensive posture. I think Chin does the right thing by not responding to it and keeping his "chin" up. lol
Sounds like everybody's comments from my statement has been defensive.  I was not offended by what anyone said.  It is called freedom of speech!


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