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 nadal frame

It's about 338g strung, gripped, with impact absorber 2-3g+ added, a bal. pt. of 33, no silicone in butt. NOt the advertised version of cortex, etc. at all. It's stiffer, more powerful, and as you can see in the pic, no cortex, put a paint job. He places two strips about 4" of 33mm lead tape under the grommet at 12 oclock. He uses the 1.35mm string. He strings about 54/52 and strings more frames per tourny than any other male pro. He burns through the rpm blast (used to be duralast). Mass is too light, more for a junior set up. Ra is about the same as Feds: 65. Moment of inertia is lower than Feds or Joker, who is higher than the other two.
Top ten 50s norcal pt57a

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Wow, I didn't see that lurking K Factor! Man, your eyes are sharp, Coach V!

Crazy, I string at 55, I was thinking about 53 but I don't know if I should since I'm just getting back into the game after a break.

I was religious about being at 59, but then I had one racquet at below 50 with Lux Ace. I couldn't get enough of it. Then I bought a used Prestige Pro at 53. It's just a different world. I now would string at 55.

what would you say is a good tension for the RPM, if you one would like a lot of spin?

Ah, anywhere between 40-56 is spin oriented. Depends how hard you hit through the ball also. I tend to like 57 to 58 and break the string in for an hour. Then it is at the tension I like it for the rest of its lifespan.

Does anyone know where exactly you can let make your rackets totally customized Including grip size and shape!

That makes sense If Rafa was using the out of the box Aeropro Drive I am sure he would have tennis elbow. Unfortunately most players think he is using the actual Aeropro Drive which is a lot stiffer than what he actually uses.

Yeah it is said that Rafa is using the original APD which is at a lower flex rating. With the additional weight, it makes sense he is doing more work on a flexy and heavier frame from stock (light and stiff). Djokovic's racquet is also exceptionally heavier than Rafa's and flex at around 50 RA it is rumored.


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