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I just hope that he enjoys himself and swings freely.  That is all I care about.  He has been hitting for about 3.5 years, but about once or twice a week for a year now.  He is kind of nervous; the draw is tough and there are serious (for Boys 10s!) kids that have played many tournaments.  His first round match is with a kid from Tucson that is driving here.

Andy advice on how to help him with the aggravation he is sure to feel (he hates to lose.)?

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Stop caring and have fun and go for your shots, plays, and will play better if you have more fun...& while you do this crush the Kid!   - CoachV

this is a Joke....but Cheat

Don't let your opponents' crowd disturb you. Tune them out and if they start trying to make line calls, get the ref.

I think the opponent's crowd will be be fine.  It turns out our local pro knows the kid from Tucson (bad sign), knows the dad (worse sign) because dad runs a popular tennis academy (nightmare.) 

  • Joe B. (OC, Calif.)

    just read the post. That's an "ouch" situation, ha ha ha!

  • time to bust out the greens and start bribing the officials.

  • Me


  • what are the chances

  • ???

  • the dad has posted vids of the kids on the academies fb page

  • Joe B. (OC, Calif.)

    Pros and connected folk tend to run in the same crowd.

  • Me

    he recently played with mats wilander

  • he has 2 kids playing in the boy 10s

  • i assumed twins

  • nope

You never know. Maybe the kid was forced into tennis and doesn't even like it. lol


Actually, this boy is younger - he is only 7 or 8, but since there are no other boys at that level, he signs up for the 10s.  He does have a 3-1 record in the 10s. 

Have fun and hit it out! I hope he can overpower him since he's younger but the tennis pedigree is the same! :)

Doesnt mean anything you son is the best!

I go into every tournament as an underdog.....& guess what....all the players people talk about whos whos still lose to me or Im playing someone else in the its all talk.....tell your son it doesnt matter and just kick butt!


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