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Great news imo, mental fortitude is lendl's strength, hope it rubs seems murrsy went to see him recently and the deal was done, lendl has never coached before and I'm sure he won't accept any of murray's silly antics, it could be a match made in heaven.....or hell.

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Wow, now that's the biggest news in tennis, for sure! Lendl will make that guy a winner. I believe it!

Exactly my sentiments.

I think the similarities between these two are very interesting.  I read that Lendl lost the first 4 grand slam finals that he was in.  Murray of course has lost the first 3 GS finals.  Lendl came along when Connors and McEnroe were dominating the sport, and found a way to carve out a spot for himself at the top.  He went on to win 8 majors and got the number 1 ranking.  Murray has to contend with a crowd at the top, but one day Roger will retire and Rafa will fade.  Murray needs to make some room for himself at the top before others below him catch up with him.

I agree, I cant see it being anything but positive. If it doesnt work and they clash then they go their different ways. Murray has said on his site that he liked Lendl's honesty and thats how i see it, he will tell it as it is, as we all tell him watching him on the tele winging, shouting at his box, CONCENTRATE YOU LITTLE F****R !!!


It will be great to see him there in Melbourne, could be the lift that gets him over the line and thro the wall that it Novak Djokovic.

Looking forward to seeing Murray start the new season tmoro in Brisbane.


On another note and I know it was an exo but how good did Nole look in Abu Dhabi eh, there are people playing it down but you dont crush Fed like that.....

Fed getting crushed? I need to see it! I'm gonna give the man the benefit of the doubt. After all, he's got two kids. Djoko doesn't... yet.

Lendl is gonna train Murray to be a warrior and get all the traces of this "Winning Ugly" Gilbert crap out of his system. Lendl is gonna make him hit big bang tennis. Lendl will fix his serve to where it makes aces down the T. Heck, what's more, Lendl is gonna give him the killer instinct. Yeah, baby!!

Check youtube for the abu dhabi exo

I just looked at the short clip of Fed/Djoko. Fed making many errors there. His forehand requires so much concentration and there's little margin for error. To his credit, he has the ability and concentration to do it.

But with Djoko's forehand, it's like a joystick with a full "up and down" control, as well as "forwards and backwards". Fed's forehand is predominantly "forwards", little "up and down". He's got to be crisp all of the time, or they will spray or fling long past the baseline. Look at the clip below.

I think he was off this whole tournament !

Geez, he's really spraying forehands badly at the end. And those backhands look so abbreviated, he barely gets over the ball. 

Q. I don’t know whether you heard about Andy Murray. He is now with a full-time coach, Ivan Lendl. He’s going to be his full-time coach. What do you think about that? Lendl is former No. 1 and never coached before and working with No. 4, used to be No. 3. What do you think of the impact for the best four players in the world? You are definitely one of them?

RAFAEL NADAL: The impact is nothing, no? I always had the feeling that, sure, the coach can help you, but the most important thing is the player. So the player needs to have the right attitude to listen to the coach and to work, because if you are not doing for yourself, nobody will do it for you.

So I think is good news to have unbelievable champion like Lendl inside the tour, but I don’t know the impact, no? I don’t know him like a coach. I don’t know him like a person. So I cannot have a really serious opinion on what’s gonna happen.

Andy is a good friend of mine, so I wish him all the best. If he take that position because he believe is what he really needs today, I support him. I think he’s a really good guy, and at the same time he’s –well, everybody knows he’s a fantastic player.

A fresh take on the situation from the UK's News Thump website:

"Andy Murray appoints Ivan Lendl as misery coach"

Andy Murray has appointed former world number one Ivan Lendl as his new misery coach, claiming it will help him remove the last traces of cheerfulness from his game.

The world number four believes Lendl’s years of experience of frightening children at the top tennis venues around the world will prove invaluable in his quest to win a major.

Tennis expert Simon Matthews told us, “Ivan Lendl always looked like he was suffering heroin withdrawal whilst spending his sleepless nights murdering prostitutes, so we’re sure he can add something to Andy’s demeanor.”

“In the world of dour sportsmen, this really is the dream team. It might be a little too early to say this, but I think it’s a real possibility we will never see Andy Murray smile again.”

Murray himself claimed to be excited by the prospect of working with Lendl, but not excited enough to crack a smile.

“When I was a kid I would watch Ivan Lendl winning tournaments and try and emulate him by scowling at everyone I saw – that lesson has always stayed with me.”

“I can only hope that some of Ivan can rub off on me and that I can start winning tournaments whilst leaving a trail of crying children behind me.”


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