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I just had my racquet restrung and chose NXT 17 rather arbitrarily; I DID however consciously choose the black color, since it seems to help me focus on hitting the ball.
I've run across a review---
--that says the black version is physically different than its natural cousin.
Claims that the black is a coating that makes the string more durable.

I haven't seen any official corroborating info that the black is anything other than cosmetics.
Any one able to sort this out??


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Bruce, I just looked it up on Wilson's site and there doesn't seem to be any difference between black and natural other than color preference.  If there was, wouldn't Wilson sell that point?  Having said that, the selling point of NXT is that it plays similar to natural gut.  In that respect, "NXT Tour" (which only comes in natural), is the better Wilson string. 

But, more importantly, speaking from personal experience, Technifibre "X One Biphase" is the best multifiliment string on the market.  It plays almost exacdtly the same as top of the line natural gut, and better than some mid level natural gut.  I did a comparison between Babolat VS gut and X One Biphase in the same racquet, and the X One played about 95% equally to the VS gut, and it costs about one third the price.  Further, as you may know, natural gut is the most resiliant string, holds its tension almost 100%, and never goes dead before it breaks.  One of my peaves about NXT is that, like many polyester strings, it dies quickly, often before it breaks.  X One Biphase loses much less tension than NXT or NXT Tour, lasts longer, and doesn't go dead before it breaks a quickly as NXT. 

Bottom line, if you don't mind paying $58 for a string job, VS gut is still the gold standard.  If you'd rather pay about $29, X One Biphase is the next best option. 


like you, I didn't find anything suggesting a difference either (other than this one guy's review/ complaint). Wilson WOULD promote durability of black string if that claim could be backed up.

OK. This interest me. Prince synth gut white & yellow. Played differently. I have a clear gosen og sheep synth gut & the black version as well. I find the lighter colors are stiffer. So I suspect that the black nxt. Might seem to last longer because. Of the way nxt frays. So if I am correct and the lighter colors are stiffer or dry quicker than dark colors. The. Blacks will last longer.


thanks for the response. That one review (above) says the durability of the black string is intentional, but I'm doubting that more & more...
I hadn't used NXT before, so I don't any frame of reference.

I agree the gold Gosen sheep plays different from the plain clear. Has more pocketing and softer feel.

the black OG Sheep is very Soft and flexible similar to the Jim Courier version.

The black colour nxt does not play the same as the natural. Avoid with caution.


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