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Hi guys,

We are steadily closing in on quite a big milestone, 50,000 members!  Today we are almost at 47,000.  I have not run the numbers to see exactly when we should hit 50k based on current growth rate, but it will probably be in a couple of months.

Do you have any ideas on how we can celebrate it and possibly use it as a promotion too to let all the tennis players that still have not heard about us know that we are here? 

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State tennis championships run by groups in local areas. Example 3 groups in Atlanta play for a spot to b state champion of tennisopolis then after 50/48 winners come about do a tennisopolis open. With the 50 Represenitives of each state champion will be on markee for 2014

That's easy! Send out 50,000 coupons to Tennis Warehouse or some other tennis outlet.

That's an interesting idea. So are you suggesting, partnering with a big tennis retailer to celebrate it and in exchange they get some publicity?  I wonder if that is enough reason for them to jump in. 

Something like this:

All Tennisopolis Members get a 15% off coupon to ____ store.

Join Tennisopolis to claim your coupon.

Promote like crazy on fb, twitter, instagram, etc.


lets try wilson i got some connections.

I just tweeted Jon Muir. GM of Wilson. let see what we can get.

Thank you V!  I hope he can come up with an idea for the promotion.  I see you asked him for 30% off coupon codes - this would be huge.  I normally see a lot at 20%, but 30% would be a super score.

30 percent sure is a big discount. I'd think that would drive up the membership here big time, for maybe the discount alone and not necessarily to be here. Sure you want that? lol

Well, we want two things - well, three things out of this.  1.  Big thanks to our current members.  2.  Attract new members.  3.  Engage the new members for long term activity.

wow this is a really big deal!  let's talk about this!  How cool!  I think it should definitely include a contest to invite your friends and the 50,000th member wins something super cool!  Perhaps a new racquet from a sponsor right?

I think thats a cool idea! The person that referred them should get something too lol. What do you think??

Yeah, let's talk.  I worry about just giving the 50,000th member a prize because then people will not join and try to wait until the right moment, rather than just joining right away.  M

i see what you mean.  Maybe a refer a friend two pack where the referer and the new member both get entered into a contest awarded after the 50,000th member joins?  Do you have a way to track referrals?  If not it would be great to add a referred by section in the bio to build community relations


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