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I love this time of year.  The days get warmer and longer.  My tennis partners are calling more and my league team is shooting emails back and forth.  I can't wait for this season; I'm going to make the most of it.  I'm going to try and set 3 times a week as my goal.

Do you feel it coming on?  What are your tennis goals this season?

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BRYAN VS JAKE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coming SOON!!!!!!

Jake has contacted me and is READY TO KILL AGAIN! HAHAHA

Hoping to play more singles than doubles this year. And getting more flexible.

Ah bro yessss! A buddy and myself hit for a couple hours yesterday and it was just perfect. A clear 70 degrees, blue was great! One goal that I've recently added is to really use the diagonals of the court to my advantage. I'm 6'9 and can hit sharper angles with a flat ball than most. I made it a point to get used to hitting flat, short cross court balls yesterday. My next goal is to recognize when I should use more top spin on those shots, depending on my opponents court positioning. Its alot of fun adding the mental aspect to the game, actually thinking about the shot selection you know?

I do know.  I've been trying to open up the angles with softer topspin "rollers" in sharp cross court angles.   This means taking some pace off the ball and really trying to dip in into the service boxes.  When done well, it really puts your opponent on the run and completely kills their rhythm. 

Headed out to do some LiveBall a la Steve Bellamy today.

Can't wait for the fast paced doubles action - but I think I ate too big of a breakfast burrito!  Oops!


In case you've never seen it, here's a nice vid I found:


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