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Post PICs of your woody that you play tennis Racquets I mean. Post only the racquets

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Ok, here is a prince woodie!
you WOOD looks clean & Good.
Tennis played as it should be, with skill and balance, and using your body weight .  If you want to improve your strokes, try using a wood racquet.  If wood racquets were used today, the top ten would change dramatically .  USA today did a experiment with 5 men pros and women pros, and let them hit with some woodies, some enjoyed them some didnt .  The Bryans used them and enjoyed them, they had some great control and feel.  I still play with my Donnay, and its hard to find any Wood racquet  tourneys, which I would enjoy playing in.  People forget that tennis was, wood racquets and white balls, for a hundred years. 
Yep and then the balls would get a little dirty from playing with them and turn brown. ( bud dum ding )

Here is my woody MARK!

here is JOEb woody he sent ti to me ......heehe

Now that looks nice!

isnt it big tim. or is it average?

The throat looks long because of the lines and the emblem. But it could be because of the lens or perspective of the photo.

It's the perspective.  The racquet is standard length, 27 inches.

it got groves for your hand lucky

I'm not sure why people talk about these old wooden racquets as some monster unthinkable to play with. I started playing around 9 years old and all we had was wooden racquets. No junior racquets and all that nonsense. I learned to play with a heavy, small and under powered racquet. Also played with gut because again, I think its all we had. But playing was fine and I didn't break my arm and hit hard, top spin and could serve an ace. My racquet was a Dunlop Maxply and I loved it. Can't imagine for a second stringing a copoly in an old woody though. Wish I could get my hand on my old racquet in playable condition and see what its like again. 


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