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Post PICs of your woody that you play tennis Racquets I mean. Post only the racquets

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Haha!  Love the "tennisface." 

Good little backhand there, Shereef!

Yeah, tennisface not always very flattering but good to know I'm concentrating a little ;) 

Yeah Tim, work in progress man. Hope I always work on bits and pieces making game always fun!

Article with a bit of wood racquet perspective.

Something tells me that The International Chris Evert Enthusiasts Website has little to do with tennis.

Well, if they love wood so much, they oughtta make new ones! Start production instead of whining about it! j/k

I know what that sentiment is and I have four wood racquets myself, but the way of the future is already here. Volkl is putting organic material (pulp) in their racquets and so is Wilson with their basalt. There has been a move back towards more feel in graphite racquets in the last five years, so I'm not too worried.

That Brian Gottfried racquet looks really nice. $69.99 is a fair price.

Yep, I'm going a bit crazy with my woodies...hehe

Wow!  Are those as mint as they look?  The design of Maxply Forts made them very flexible in the head and more rigid in the shaft, the opposite of Kramers.  I hit with one a few years ago.  What a great racquet Forts were!  Please, do these frames justice and string them with VS Touch or Team.  It's worth every penny.

They are as new and never even been strung. I  almost feel bad I'll play with them and a part of me wants to keep them unscathed. I believe the tournament one was the last wood racquet dunlop ever made. They started adding graphite to the handle and a bit to the connection of stem and head for added rigidty. Of course still a wood racquet so will not be stiff. I guess I will have to pony up for the gut string.


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