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Am I the only one who hates Nadal?

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why would you hate such a good player who doesn't show any tantrums, is respectful of other players and is well mannered. Just because he beats Federer (which ny the way is my favorite) does not justify that. Whats your reason?
Nadal's match makes me want to take a nap... He takes like 20-30 seconds to serve.
Im sorry but its all about how he plays, who liked Jim courier, Leyton Hewit, Jimmy Conners, Ivan Lendl, wait for it wait for it compared to Sampras, Fed, Mac, Becker. The only baseliner that has won the hearts of people is Agassi and he is special, plus he has that munchkin face that you have to love plus he married to the gorg steffi! For me Tennis is about all court class and just because 1 bloke who hits really well from the baseline is winning it wont last long, look at history its the baseline brute v the all courter, it seems that there are too many baseline rallies. When I look at fed and esp murray i keep complaining that they dont go the net often enough. I dont know I hate nadal is harsh but................true! We have a footballer called Ronaldo, he won world player of the year and is undoubtably a superb player but i hate him with all my heart, I cant equate the two as nadal is so nice and i am bias as he plays for Man Utd, I support Liverpool! Its all relative isn't it?
TBH i think we all have a heirarchy for me its Murray, Fed, Tsonga i look for
I hate Nadal too!!! it's the typical player that wants be the MAN SHOW!!!! I WILL NEVER LIKE NADAL and his style is so far to be elegant and nice!
I hate Nadal =)
Nadal rocks.......He owns Fed who is suppose to be the G.O.A. T.....I hope that Nadal"s body holds up ...I would like to c how many Grand Slams he will win......Nadal is fast, strong, gr8 competitor, and getting better.....Viva Rafa.....
Nadal is my favorite player. I like Federer as well as a few others of course. It's his style of hitting I like. I use alot of topspin maybe that is why. I think it is very hard on flat ball hitters unless they are very good at picking the ball up on the rise which isn't always easy to do unless you were brought up doing it. As far as Chris Eads comment about him not smiling or clapping for his opponents clear winners or great shots, how many people do you really see doing it? They all have their game face on. Look at them when they cross sides of the net, they won't even look at each other. I see where Chris is coming from as I play for the love of the game, thay play for the almighty buck. I always say nice shot when someone hits a great passing shot or a rip up the line, you have to appreciate a great shot. I tell 2 juniors I hit with instead of getting mad when someone takes a point like that and let it get in your head for the next three points tell them great shot and move on, now your focus is back where it should be "the next point" not the point that happened three points ago.
For you and all the Nadal Fans, you should join the Rafa Fans group right here. And for all you Nadal Haters, maybe one of you peeps should start one. :-)
there's nothing wrong hating on nadal & federer since them been winnning a lot.
They both play boring matches when they ain't play each other.
Why do you hate him so much? Don't get me wrong, I love Federer but I think Nadal is gonna be a thorn in his side for a long time with the way he is playing.
Markdavin Obenza said:
I also hate Nadal. Just sayin that if Nadal didn't exist, Federer would have already surpassed Sampras' record, by quite a few already.


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