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Am I the only one who hates Nadal?

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capris aside (and i agree that was the strangest career decision i've ever seen), there are few differences between nadal and federer. Nadal is the ultimate competitor... humble, freakishly athletic,naturally talented, and growing strategically... while federer is humble, freakishly talented, super strategic, and athletically efficient... these are not differences worth squabbling over... their head-to-head match-ups will discern who comes out on top, and whomever wins this matchup will regard the other as their arch-nemesis.

The issue at hand seems to be 'who likes who' outside of statistical results... and to this i say "who cares"? I personally feel compelled to cheer for the underdog, whether that be federer against nadal in the paris finals (federer being the underdog) or santoro vs blake in some no-name tournament (santoro being the underdog?)... tennis is about good tennis and not about these two players... both federer and nadal are humble to the public and they both perform incredibly on a regular basis... but humbleness is a lost virtue, once you are the best in the word (or at least one the two best), humbleness is comical at best... christ, it's nearly impossible to beat them, ANYONE who puts up a decent fight against either one of them deserves to be commended... this is where djokovic and murray come in... two players that get little attention but have the impossible task of competing in the same era as two of the best ever, and they compete admirably...

.... i guess my point is that this nadal v federer debate is nonsense... cheer for whomever who like in any match regardless of what kind of pants they are wearing, or how they react to any particular point, or how they bounce the ball before their serve, or how they give their interviews off court... cheer for whomever you want to win the next point because tennis is about the emotion involved in every point and not about who tops the point standings at the end of the year... appreciate the beauty of tennis and not the beauty of the individual!!!

too deep for you? well... my opinion is that both nadal and federer are beyond the realm of natural modesty, and should stop pretending to not be awesome... djokovic is not the best in the world, he knows it, and he acts the part... murray plays the feisty underdog who lacks consistency, he knows it and acts the part... but tennis is tennis and anyone can be the best on any particular day, so fuck this debate!

Humble, amazing talent, an all around great athlete.........what's not to like about him.....he is very appealing....
I'm sure you are in the very, very, very, small percentage of Tennis fans that hate Nadal. I am talking .000000000000000988 x10 That's a very cozy group to be in my friend. That's like you and a mirror type cozy.

Tavan said:
I'm sure you are in the very, very, very, small percentage of Tennis fans that hate Nadal. I am talking .000000000000000988 x10 That's a very cozy group to be in my friend. That's like you and a mirror type cozy.
What makes Nadal Great - is the fact he is still learning, Young and evolving his game of tennis. now since he has a career grand slam earlier in his career than Federer did. the Main question is will he become complacent or go for the "Real thing" and complete a season grand slam? Only Time will tell. And by the way Nadal has a Golden Grand Slam and Federer doesn't and Federer has never beaten Nadal ( i hope I can eat these words in a US-Open final Next Year) in a Grand Slam event. (Golden refers to the Olympic Gold Medal). Here is another funny thing too. People always refer to injuries. Agassi had Major wrist surgery and had a great career after it. I'm pretty Sure many players recover and have good careers from surgery.
everyone wants to be entertained....but he is just doing his thing and focusing on winning tourneys! seems to be on the quiet side, introverted, yet motivated and very driven ..... :)
Nadal is a super talented, very aggressive and he makes you want to hit the courts like Michael Jordan did when he played ball.
He just seems to be at a different level to most players on the tour.If you like aggressive, fast pace, power tennis watch Nadal.I think he's great for the sport.
I actually met him and he not the friendliest individual off the courts I met him and all the pros at the 07 Cincy masters.(all the other pros were great, had a great conversation with Novak)
FED is also super talented but just the tour is catching up to his level and some are at the same level and a few maybe past his skill level. FEDs best days are behind him but he will still be competitive. Most pros are past their prime when they reach the age of 28-30. So, lets see if Nadal can stay healthy to play in late 20's.
Currently, he the best but there are a few players that have a lot of promise on the mens and womens tour.
Too bad Roddick and Blake are getting past up. Lets up Sam Q, Isner and some other up and coming us players can bring back a new wave of great American talent.
I wish it was the 1990's again...they had great players back then who had good style and were fun to watch. Nadal might be the best player right now but that's because there's not too many great players in professional men's tennis. I don't get excited watching Nadal ...really I don't get excited watching men's tennis like I did when I was kid growing up during the 90's. Basically let's put it this way...I don't like Nadal's style of play...the way he moves around the court...the guy is too feminine! You wanna know who was the most charismatic and exciting tennis player ever? It was crazy ass Goran Ivanisevic...that's right. Fun to watch! Crazy ass serve! Funniest guy ever. The last charimatic and fun guy to watch in professional men's tennis was Marat Safin, a.k.a. "baby Goran", but he's retired too.

These days professional men's tennis just disappoint me. So now I just watch women's least the players on the WTA tour are good looking....they're much more attractive than the women on the tour back in the 80's or 90's. Hahah!
I love the way Nadal plays. He has great energy and style. I just HATE how he picks his ass all the time lol
Has he done anything to you?  I'm just asking.  I just read a post by Coach Vasquez saying he hates Sharapova claiming that her grunting is cheating.  All I have to say is that both Nadal and Sharapova have the stats to back their shit up.

Why hating on him? 

Will we see Rafa play till the end of the year? Love him or hate him, the tour needs him back in full fitness.


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