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Hybrid users: Do you reuse the mains and change the crosses only?

I've never had Alu Rough mains and multis for crosses in any of my past hybrids. Sure enough, the Alu Rough sawed through the Yonex 850 crosses in no time flat.

Having my own stringer, I momentarily thought to keep the Alu Rough and just restring the crosses. But after reading the advice of professional stringers, I cut out the Alu in fear of warping the frame.

Anyone here has changed the crosses only? What's your experience? 

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i guess it depends on what you use on the mains and crosses.  i use gut on the mains and a polyester on the crosses.
I would hate to have to replace gut strings even more frequently if it were still in good shape. Gut is expensive. But the times I have strung with gut in the mains, for myself and others, only once have the poly snapped first. By that time, the gut was already half cooked.
I had it done once.  My stringer basically made me sign a waiver saying that he was not responsible for damage to the frame.  It worked fine in my case.  I had kevlar mains and synthetic crosses and they initially broke right away, that is why I decided to try it out.

The evil Kevlar! Just kidding. I tried Kevlar for a month and it reminded me of the old Prince Pro Blend I used in high school. Pro Blend was Kevlar. 

Just kills my elbow after a week. Even if I strung it low. No wonder Agassi had wrist tendonitis using Kevlar.

Well, that's interesting, the waiver form. Kevlar takes so long to break, it's like thin rope!

Hi Tim, this is an interesting question. There are a lot of forces dealing with a strung racquet. All stringers should be concerned with frame distortion. Today's racquets are made with pretty strong and durable material. I doubt if warping would be a factor. Most newer stringing machines have 4 to 6 supports, so they should retain the frame shape. You can mount the racquet securely, then carefully cut the crosses out. Installing new crosses should be pretty quick and easy.

The real problem is when I see my partners take out the crosses only, away from the stringer, and leave the racquet in their bag. This happened last night when I saw one of my junior college partners, trying to save a buck. He had his BLX 6.1 Tour with only Red Code mains. I had him snip it out right away. :)

My string machine, the Neos 1000, only has two supports. So I could not help him even if I wanted to.

Save a buck so you can have it do this spontaneously!

My friend wanted me to string an old Wilson 6.0 95 with two cracks, one on the bridge. I refused to do it, especially with Topspin Cyberflash.


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