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I'm sure we all have different ideas of success. Many of us are mere mortals and play recreational tennis but I'm curious about everyone's definition of success.

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Success in tennis is achieving your highest potential through many repeated failures, trial and error and experiments with technique gone bad, mental roadblocks with one's self and personality clashes with misbehaving opponents. At nearly 41 years of age, I am better than any year before.

Success is achieving ones goals set.....I always wanted to be a pro...& I am a pro making a living at tennis.....

I whole heartedly agree with Tim's assessment.  Nothing like getting older, having to adjust your game, and still being able to win, despite the repeated failures and experiments.  It makes it fun and challenging, to see where you lack, and then make the adjustments so that you can improve in those areas.

Hey, I still gotta win against the teenagers and twenty somethin's. lol

Dude, as a 42 year old - I hear you.  I know that I could beat a 35 year old version of myself.  I am a better player with smoother and more confident strokes.  I am hitting the ball with authority and still move around pretty well too.

Success to me?  Continue to improve my strokes and especially my ability to play the matches like I play in practice.

As a 45 year old, it gives me much pleasure to beat my 18 year old, who has tremendous power and can run me all over the place, but I have wisdom, and instead of relying strictly on power, change up the game constantly which throws his flow, and gets into his head.  So totally agree with both of ya'll.

I don't know if you can define success. My game has changed over the years, and I look back and tell myself I can never be the player I use to be. So I feel If I can never be the player I use to be, how can i measure myself as the player I am now?

How can one measure, their highest potential, if one hasn't tried every style that tennis has to offer, which I don't think can be done. I feel it takes years and maybe a life time just to develop one style.

I believe a smart guy can play different styles of play. Isn't that the description of the USTA 6.0 player?

"This player has mastered all of the above skills; is able to hit both slice and topspin serves; can vary strategies and styles of play in competitive situations; plays well enough to be a state high school champion, hold a national ranking, and be offered a Division I tennis scholarship."

How about success as getting my pic on top of Tennisopolis? Congrats Tim!!!

Wow! I broke on thru to the other side. lol


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