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has in the Four Majors. Basic totals.

This will be updated.

Need more...come-on Tennisopolites help out.

Wilson = 109

Dunlop = 40

Head = 18

Babolat = 15

Prince = 25

Addidas = 10

Yonex = 35

Volkl/Boris Becker= 3


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Wow, great question.  If you consider Fed, Sampras, Everet, Conners, Austin, Edberg, Henin, Courier, Williams sisters, Davenport as part of your Wilson profile, that is a ton.  Yonex picks up with the Martina's, Seles, Hewitt, and Ivanovic which isn't a bad haul.  Then the Dunlop rackets with Mac and Graf and Johannson.  Head has Agassi, Safin.  Prince has Sharapova, Ferrero, Capriati and Chang.  Babolat has Roddick, Clisters, Rafa, and Moya.  Now, those are the obvious recent players and sticks.  But from just initial quick count I would say Wilson.
don't forget that Mac also played with the Wilson Prostaff Woodie that I have.  I need numbers though or want them. I am looking for help counting. and verifying
Wilson has 15 or 16 from federer alone. plus another 14 from pete, one from Courier.  so thats 30 - wilson has thirty. so for the last 20 years I have been playing tennis wilson was winning 2 or more. plus the william sisters Gee this will be hard.
The problem with attempting to count is that many of the players switch raquets.  So that will definitely make it a much more difficult exercise.  Yes, CoachV it will be hard.  Not impossible, but hard.
wilson sucks .... Adidas made the best rackets.
Didn't Kneissl make those Adidas GTX Pros?
and I think prokennex had a hand in it as well.
Someone told me that the original name for Pro Kennex was supposed to be Pro Kennedy, in honor of JFK.
wow, i didnt know that.
I think that would be a funny name, but it kind of grows on me the more I think about it. Pro Kennedy Redondo or Pro Kennedy Black Ace!
how about the new name. Lazarus for Ted Kennedy. you cant keep him down. especially in water. or Pro kennedy the bridge to better tennis. soory too much HSS. howard stern show.


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