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Personally, I wore out three Nike Court Ballistec 3.3 and one Adidas Barricade 6. I am on my second Barricade 6s and have a backup Barricade 6 I found on the bargain rack. I spent $320 this year in all. 

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Wow, let's see at least 4 pairs of ballistic 3.3's, 5 pairs of the 2010k's or whatever they are called, and one pair bigshots.. 

Ten pairs of shoes?? Gee whiz! I'd be broke if that happened to me.

well that's teaching and sparring 35+ hours a week, and I replace as soon as I get to the second layer of sole. I'm also about 6'3" 240ish so the extra weight punishes my kicks.

Well, I'm 5'7'' 138 lbs. I'm a glider on the court. Well, there's little teaching in San Bernardino, but lots of sparring. Just not high quality. lol

I think I've worn out two pairs of Barricades, a 5 and a 6.0.

How long does their guarantee last anyway?

6 months. They always honor it, unlike Nike. I've gotten a new pair once by priority mail.

OK, so I Worn through my Prince shoes. then The wilsons. Then MY Black & Red Reeboks & lastly my Kswiss. Now I have 2 Shoes in back up. My Wilsons 2012 & Some black/white & Red Wilsons I forgot the names of both. I am now using my Reeebok Orca's or black & White Reeebok pumps from the andy roddick years....yes I said Andy Roddick Reebok PUMPS. so about 4 pairs. IM on my 5th but they will be gone by next year.

I didn't know Roddick used Reeboks. I remember using the Michael Chang Reeboks. Forgot what they were called. Doesn't look like those Roddick ones have much rubber.

They do have enough rubber where tennis players need them, but the rest looks thin. Great cushion, Heavy, Ankle support and a Velcro strap over the instep which with the "Pump" which adds air around the arch, ankel & instep to make a perfect fit and Support. The space in the toe area is Med / normal  wide foot. I find that Nike, Addidas have a narrow foot so it makes it hard to impossible to find a show that fits without pain. Wilsons make a normal to med wide foot. I also think its a little dum to make narrow foots for tennis since we all need a wider step to move better, but I could be wrong. What do you think TIM???????

I got really narrow small feet, so Nike fits really well on me, Adidas fits a little looser on me. Well, the Pump idea sounds really interesting. So does the Velcro. How many ounces does the shoe weigh?

I just wished Nike made the rubber tougher on the toe area and very edge of the heel. Instead, they have that Air Max heel which I've broken several times until they squeak.

I have no problems with Adidas. Fits me right and never gets mushy in support. The rubber is fine, maybe a tad more durable.

A wider base in the forefoot to move better? Well, I tried basketball shoes but didn't work out for me. I like to roll a little on the inside of the foot.

size 12 area little more than a 1lb. so Im adding 2 lbs one for each shoe.

Geez, my Barricades are like 17 ounces or something. You're carrying an extra pound!


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