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Here is a great example of his game from the recent victory against Stepanek in Brisbane:

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That's some beautiful tennis there! He's really limber and floats around like Peter Pan, with an exceptional speed of play. Always in constant movement to the ball. I think he could go farther than Dmitrov, since he is more unpredictable.

But in general, Dmitrov and Dolgopolov don't change the speed/depth of the ball as much as the top 4. Everyone says how much Dmitrov plays like Federer technically, but tactically, he doesn't. He hits at the same hard speed and is very predictable. Murray could read Dmitrov's serve before it was struck. 

I see Dolgopolov as a Mecir type player, fast feet, a more finesse type double hander but unlike Mecir, a fast serve. But Mecir was a master of controlling ball speed. Dolgopolov could get more by buying time with ball speed changeup. Then he would be even more unpredicatable. I know he has that floater backhand slice, but imagine if he changed it up with his serve and forehand. 

He beats Simon, which I expect, then he's in the final with my choice, Murray for Brisbane.

I like him he's different which is good, too many robots these days. You would say tho without an outstanding shot or two lingering just above top 10 at best.

I take back the fact that dolgo hasnt got an outstanding shot, infact he has loads of them and superbly talented to say the least. Probably needs to turn himself into a machine tho to compete with the top 4.


It is truly amazing how these four guys just turn up the heat when needed. Murray looks like he's played himself into some superb form.


The question should be, can anyone break these four up and get amongst them and a semi berth?

This guy just plays instinctively without too much forethought.  Most importantly, he has all the offensive shots from anywhere on the court.  If he doesn't have too many unforced errors in a match, he no doubt will beat ANYONE on tour!  Look for him to move up in rankings consistently each and every year.  I want to see him play his all-court game; a fresh new face to counter all the power whackers out there.  The sky is the limit!

Yeah, he is definitely all instinct. But that's his problem playing Del Potro at Indian Wells last year. Tons of errors. Mark Mayor and I saw him fizzle. Once he gets mistake free, I can see him being as mind bending like Rios. 

Oh yeah!  I forgot about that match!  Was that on Court 2?

Murray v dolgo final

My prediction 6-4 6-3 murrsy

What time?  GMT?

Dolgopolov can win majors if he gets stronger. Did anyone see his first set vs. Djokovic at US Open last year? It was an amazing set, ended up in a tiebreak which was the longest in US Open history - 18-16 I think (but Stosur- Kirilenko eclisped it the very next day). Dolgo's game gave Djokovic major problems and frustration. If Dolgo can get stronger and a bit more able to play longer points with more patience and consistency - cut down on the wild errors - I think he has potential to be #1. But not sure if #1 is even one of his ambitions, it takes a special player to want to be #1 with all the extra media and fan obligations that must be dealt with. Djok's reaction after the match of not giving Dolgo a lot of credit, actually kind of downplaying him, suggested he might see Dolgo as the top threat to his supremacy down the road. I think Dolgo has a better chance to be #1 than Rafa or Fed, at this point. It's a longshot but we'll see. 


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