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I've already given lessons to one of my friends and I've taken her from square 1 to about 3.0-3.5. I did it for free...but I'd like to do this as a part-time job.


How do I get a job as a coach?


For the record, I'm about 5.0-5.5 and I have a Bachelor's degree in English from UCLA.




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Simply get paying clients.
Get your USPTA or PTR certification, then work for an established coach. He/She will show you the ropes. Or you can just go to the public parks and get a permit, and battle it out with the other coaches working with no permits, or coaches trying to monopolize the courts for themselves. lol
Ha Tim, yep or those who say they are tennis coaches and have no clue what they are doing. I love the guys with European accent that all say they coached Joko and Ana. They must have had hundreds of coaches. Get certified and a some training and insurance with the cert. I had to go out on the pub courts and hoa's after leaving my last club, hate being on court near a "coach" that is horrible, but good for my biz.

There are tons of those Euro accent pros on Los Angeles Craigslist! Some of them are actual ATP pros like Zack Fleishman. One said he was Fed's hitting partner. One was giving a "pay nothing fee" if you aren't satisfied. 

I was hitting with Sampras' ex-childhood friend, a former touring pro. We looked over to the next court and saw probably the worst tennis coach ever.

For a part time gig you should be an "associate" tennis pro of a club that is crackin in your area. You will have to pay the director a % but if he/she is nice they will put you in touch with new members, let you advertise, and call you when there is a big event. One catch is that you will have to teach ONLY at that club most likely.
ok my last reply is a rant so I made a new discussion

Getting the PTA or PTR just is a good way to get insurance. They will help you  learn how to structure a lesson & lessons plans. But remember what makes you a good pro is you & not how much information you can repeat from a book.  :)



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