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I need pointers on beating a lefty.

I had trouble playing a lefty in the tournament she was the first lefty I played.

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Here is how you beat a lefty...take away the out wide serve on the ad court by cheating over toward the alley...this will force them to make the lower percentage down the middle serve. Once you get in a point look to create as many situations where you are hitting your forehand to her backhand!!!

I am a lefty so I know what I am talking about...if you can take away the serve and breakdown the have it made in the shade!!!!
Great points Peter. Myiesha, you just got some top notch coaching - and for free!

Also, turn the tables and practice a wide serve on the deuce side. It works against their backhand is the exact mirror of the famous lefty wide serve on the ad court. Other than what Peter said, just don't worry about it; it ain't that big of a deal.

Yeah, I agree with Peter on this. Let the lefty know you know his pattern by standing right there. Mark is also right. Sometimes, I end up getting in a slice serve war with my lefty partners. ;)

I also recommend a kicker to their forehand, especially if they have an Eastern grip loop forehand. Mix slice out wide on deuce, kicker on ad side, then a jammer to the hip.

Good question. I think Coach Peter has some great insight, since he IS a lefty! I found a quick interesting tip on youtube.
Tough to Explain. The Game Changes from Cross Court to Down the line. Most Shots Should be played in the Middle like Forehand to forehand and Backhand to backhand, So if your Forehand is better than your opponents attack her with your forehand until you get a weak ball then open up the court, if your backhand is better attack her backhand with yours until you get a weak ball then open up the court. That's the Beginning part. the Second part is different and is a mental strategy. I can give you my complete play but you will need to join my Group CoachV - Top Rank Tennis.

It also Depends on What Skills you have on Court. like Approach shots and Volleys, Moving ability, and how you perceive your game & playing tennis.
just moved this thread from Pro section to Tips and Instruction.
Thank you Larry Atkins for introducing me to Coach Ball the fact that he is a lefty and wanted to help me for free is very very nice so and thanks again all my friends out there Peter,Mark,Mike and Coach V thank you again that's Tennisopolis @ its best

I'm surprised CoachD and John Spoerl hasn't jumped on this yet...


anticipate that decent to good lefties tend to hit with more spin (topspin, sidespin, backspin)


against lefties (like myself) you have to be able to develop a nice read on serves.  from the AD side there's a slice out wide (yes you can cheat by standing in the alley) and the kick serve down the T you have to worry about :-).  There's also the disguised slice serve that looks like a kick but goes into your body. which grip do you set up with on your returns?  righties can neutralize serves by prepping with a forehand grip (which we see) BUT coming up with a very good neutralizing backhand slice deep in the middle of the court to start the rally.  


one of the lefties' bread and butter shot to open up the court on neutral rallies and put on "the hurt"?  forehand topspin shot angled short and wide to a righties backhand. again without a decent backhand slice that gives you time to recover on the middle of the court this means you'll be running hard to cover forehand side all day or it will be good practice for you to hit your running forehand down the line while pulled out wide.  Then if you have a John Spoerl who goes to net once he sees the hurt to put the ball away, well that's a different story  


Coach DS from Chicago, what you think?      

Thats great advice i finaly had a chance to watch this girl play last week i studied her all that you mention she did accept for the T serve she could pull it off so i would have cheated in the alley
great advice from the guys, I was lucky my brother was lefty. Just try to take away the wide serve on ad, T serve on deuce, and take away the angles on their FH.
I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you =)

Just kidding, lefty or not we are all playing badmiton out here. If we were any good we would be in spain? Right now.

-Tennis is simple. Hit it to the spot that gives you the best chance to win.
-watch the ball (all pro's say" I was see'ing it well today)
-move your feet
The deuce vs ad court service matchup is good advice. Especially on big points. Good work guys!


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