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I had the chance to get my service caught on radar at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells this year.  I hit it as hard as I could, but still maintaining control and hitting the middle of this painted square on the aparatus.  My manly speed?  Only 100 mph.  But it was the highest speed we saw while watching the line of would-be Roddicks give it a go.  People actually cheered for me.


The point?  It is much harder to hit a serve over 100 mph than most people think!  I could've sworn I'd be at 120!


What's your fastest serve?

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Wait. That's bizarre. So you actually can serve FASTER after the nerve damage???

It's so true about being able to ace with speeds much lower than 100 mph. I'd say 75 with good angles is all you need vs most 4.0/4.5 players.

Well For years I was trying to serve with strength and not speed. After the nerve damage in my playing arm, I could no longer use strength because MY elbow will swell and pinch the nerve & cause me to lose strength grip and coordination. The injury forced me to change how I serve. Since I was forced to change I wound up discovering how to serve better & it causes less stress on my elbow, Its was easier than any tennis serving lesson you will ever have in your life and its so reliable that I no longer have a second serve.
Even though I have made my serve into a weapon after injury, I was still limited in the variations of my services game. I had no real kick serve.

then I recently discovered how the touring pros really serve, I can now hit that Federer kick serve. A shot that has been missing in my selections for the last 20 years.but the motion of a Pro serve puts stress on the elbow again, but not because its bad its just new and my body is not used to it yet.

As a recreational tennis player reaching top 10 in Eastern USTA, top 25 in Southern USTA and Top 5 Mens in GA a 75 MPH Spin serve will ace anybody.

Remember 2005 or 4 US-open Agassi VS Federer final.. Agassi serve was about 80-90MPH average the whole tournament. it only went over 120 in the finals.
april 2010 speed serve video and practice
The radar stated that I was 108 mph when i played in college. It is nothing like that now...Maybe a fast 90 :). I can't imagine how Roddick can serve 140+. My eyes are not accustomed to that speed...
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My 100 mph serve today
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