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I've used various grips over the many years. I still prefer leather although the best, Fairway is no longer made. I've tried what's recently available commercially but they all lack the quality. What grip do you use on your racquet and why?

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I just put on a Babalot grip. It's a bit wider, 25mm vs the typical 22mm. It does feel good so I'm giving it a try.
the resi grip from prince. has a soft tacky feel. lot better than the leather.
Resi grip feels good in the store. I was tempted to try it. But I use Boris Becker Cushtac in white. Best feel of any color.
The shop I go to in L.A., the Racquet Doctor, still has Fairway grips for sale. They are cut shorter than I would like them. I was using Head Calfskin. Also, the Volkl Leather grip is a whopping 30 grams of pure quality. But since I don't use the old flexible Head racquets and use the new Youtek Prestige Mid, I don't want to alter the balance with leather.

Players choose grips for different reasons. At one time, most racquets came with various grades of leather. There were also early versions of over grips and grip aids before Tourna Grip and Gamma overwraps became so popular. Does anyone remember using the gauze wrap, terry cloth sock grip, talc power, the rosin bag or the tennis glove? I recall the days when the first wide body Wilson Profile's hit the market in the late 80's the 2.7 and the 3.6 still came with a leather. I think soon after that, the synthetic grip became popular with Prince racquets as a shock cushion for their CTS (Constant Taper System) wide body racquets like the Thunder Stick. Now synthetic grips are an OEM standard.

My POG racquets came with leather grips, and I'm assuming they are the Prince brand.  I use Wilson Pro overgrips on them, but lately I seem to be splitting the skin on the first joint of my thumb.  Is this standard fare for leather grips?  Also, what is the difference in weight, versus a synthetic grip?

Yes, splitting skin at the thumb joint is so standard.We chatted about this!

The weight difference can be drastic. Some leather comes in at 30 grams (Volkl/Boris Becker). Other leather comes in at 25 grams (Head Calfskin). Then the cheaper leather is at 20 grams. 

Synthetic replacement grips are usually around 15 grams.

I see.  I was debating switching to a synthetic, but didn't want to change the balance of the racquet.  I have heard that leather is usually heavier, but didn't know by how much.  Maybe I'll stay with the leather for now, and hope my skin toughens up.


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