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do you string your racquets because you dont trust anybody else or is it just cheeper to do yourself????

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Both. I don't like the thought of a stringer doing two or three rows at a time, causing unequal tension and warping my racquets. I have gone to a shop where they actually do this right in front of the customer, who don't watch them closely.

I have had my stringer for two years and have strung close to 270 racquets. 56 of those racquets were my own. I bought the stringer for $500 so I have earned much more than I spent, charging $8-10 per racquet.

i think every one sould string their own racquets i was poping strings evry three days when this other company was doing it know that iam doing it if i practice every day thay last a week or more

I need to learned how to string.

It's not hard at all, but there are little tricks so you don't waste time weaving or trying to get string past a blocked hole. You can start on a cheap $100 Klippermate.

yea that's how i learned to start...but via the Gamma X 2 ... learning to string is one of my milestone in my tennis life ... soo much money saved and so much more options as far as strings and tension opened up for me...



Selling my stringer was one of the worst decisions I ever made

Time to buy another?!



Its cheaper and much more convenient! I scored a Winn Pro 1000 for $100. I restring my rackets every month and I've started stringing for a few of my friends as well.

Just a heads up for all you stringers:  We got a Racquet Stringers Group in here with 68 people.  It is a great place to share tips and even trade string.  Check out this string exchange. did you do that?



that's one of my favorite reasons for having my own machine...i can try out so many different combos without costing me an arm and a leg!



it's actually cheaper to do it yourself. if you break your own stick, then you have yourself to blame. bought a fully functional prince P200 pneumatic stringer for $100. the investment has paid off significantly. had to have some of the plastic ends for the glidebars specially made but it was worth it.


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