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Could this be the year of a Men's grand Slam? After taking out Fed and Murray at the AO, Fed in Dubai, and Fed & Nadal in IW, can Nole take out the King of Clay in RG? Will he be able take the big W and finish it out at flushing? As of this writing I can see no evidence to the contrary.

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He sure is and I am so lucky to have met him =) He's a no nonsense man but so gentle spirited. I love him to death and so does everyone else there. Nole even asked Niki to be is personal coach along with his other coach but Niki is scared to death of flying so he couldn't...Ernests asked and it was the same thing...I certainly will =)

I like that description. No nonsense and gentle spirited. Novak is very smart to ask for Pilic. It would've been interesting to see Fed's Annacone vs. Novak's Pilic, but his current coach does very well for him.

I appreciate it you will say hi to him for me. Tell him a young Asian American coach says he is one of the world's best coaches. :)

Wow, he sure is the man these days!  Winning on clay against Nadal?  Impressive

In straight sets no less!

I don't think Nole can win the slam - there is going to be too much pressure to keep the streak going.  And on grass, there are too many dangerous floaters in the draw:  Roanic, Karlovic, Roddick, etc.

I agree with the Mayor.  The longer this streak goes, the harder it will become.  Not only that, but not only is his knee all bandaged up, but it looked like he also did something to his ankle.  Guess we will see this week.
Nole certainly looked nervous against Rafael in the finals of Madrid. I'm not going to lie, there were some shots that were so easy for him and yet he seemed to "push" them.
Is that KT tape around his knee? I wonder if it is from serving.
I don't see Nole getting nervous against a Roddick or a Karlovic...but a Roanic now, that is a possibility. For Nole to lose to someone that young and relatively inexperienced would be a blow to the ego.

HA! I can do that.......

......................... with a 12 gauge.

blow to the ego and several vital organs! lol

Bumpity Bump Bump


Spolier Alert!


(But... if its in this thread you probably know why)


Two Clay finals vs. Nadal in a row! Novak's body looked to be betraying him a little but he came up with the goods in Rome!

What is the prognosis for Paris?

My prognosis is that his body will betray him.  7 matches, best three out of five.  That knee and or his hip, will not be able to sustain the rate he is pushing them.


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