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Could this be the year of a Men's grand Slam? After taking out Fed and Murray at the AO, Fed in Dubai, and Fed & Nadal in IW, can Nole take out the King of Clay in RG? Will he be able take the big W and finish it out at flushing? As of this writing I can see no evidence to the contrary.

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Well, I don't know, MT!  I think this year is different.  Nadal is not totally back from injury and Nole is soaring high.  I would put money on Nole over Rafa this year.  Not sure who is going to take it, but I have more confidence that Nole will make it farther.  No?
He's the man to beat this year.  But nothing in set in stone.  Rafa should take the French.  Wimbledon up for grabs between Rafa & the Fed (Go Fed.  Give us one more Wimbledon title.  ;-) ).  Ask again after Wimbledon and let's see how Nole is doing at that point to determine who's the favorite to win US Open.
I think what makes the French so hard to bet against Rafa on is his endurance in best of 5 set matches. If Djoker keeps this same disposition on hard courts through out his career, he'll always beat Rafa because his game is built for hard courts. Unfortunately, his body (health) is always going to be a huge factor in best of 5. And unfortunately those penetrating ground strokes aren't as effective on the slow surface. Granted this is just my opinion haha, but I see it being extemely difficult to sustain the level necessary to beat Rafa on clay when you add in the amount of energy it takes to stay in the extremely long rallies AND deal with basically returning a kick serve with every ground stroke he sends your way. Add the extreme crowd favor Rafa's going to have in his corner and I think thats a recipe for Rafa's first big one of the 2011 year. I'll say this much though. I'm ready to see Djoker step up at grass this year! If he keeps serving and returning the way he's done so far, we'll see him deep in the second week for sure!

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Now that Nole has taken out Nadal on the slowest HC surface in the 1000 series how do his chances look going into the the next ATP 1000 event on clay and ultimately the French Open?

I think his chances are there on clay. I still recall the great Madrid final he and Nadal had, and this was even before the recent improvements in serve.
Woot.  Watch out, Nole has supreme confidence right now.  I give him good chances at the FO and the USO, but not W.  agree?
I not educated enough in noles game to say so. But if hes practicing Tennis on a Air plain then I would say Yes to Ready to win.  I dont know about W. I think it will depend on the FO.
I still favor Rafa at the French.  Nobody better in a five set match at the red dirt pile.  He will not do anything more than he already has at Wimbledon either.  He will be quiet again until the hard court season after Wimbledon. 
Wow, this might be Nole's year!  He's shown us that he can beat the best.
You know this needed a bump after the Madrid final! Nole has defeated the King of clay in his homeland on his favorite surface. What are the predictions for Roland Garros at this point?!

This already has been Novak's year. Niki Pillic told me himself that Nole has the determination and while he was there at Academie he was the only boy that worked out harder than any other one there. He wants it bad and he knows he is the one to beat. Rafael and Roger are just a level behind him -- you can feel the intensity in all of the top 10 players. But if you didn't look at the rankings, you would automatically think that Nole was world number one.


Watch out...he just might take down your player.

I find it amazing that you talked to Niki Pilic. One of the best coaches of all time in my estimation. I have been analyzing the Djokovic forehand and serve for the last two months and find it superior to either Federer or Nadal's serves or forehands. The reasons I believe the forehand is better are greater leverage and efficiency against a wide variety of situational balls. I also think Djoko has updated the Sampras serve by abbreviating the toss and using a Becker type backswing and stance. Say hi to Mr. Pilic for me. ;)


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