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I'm really stoked about this match up! It has the potential to surpass even Brian Tuck vs. Jake C! This will go down in a couple of months with Mr. #1 Tim Prapong volunteering to have camera coverage.


Brief Background:

     Dave  has been playing around 5 years and has recently progressed from 3.5 to 4.0.  

     Joe B has a few years of experience but is a rapidly rising star in this community as well as his    

               league competitions.


Venue to be decided but it will be in SoCal.


Match predictions any one?

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I predict that it will be a tie.

I'm trying to develop a really distracting grunt, and reaching for my lower back is almost automatic now.  I've ordered wildly mismatching clothes, and I'm having squeaky noisemakers installed in my shoes.  Hopefully, Dave will fall for all the distractions and we end up tying each other.  That would be awesome!

I have no clue how either of ya guys play, other than Joe has a kick serve. 

We got vids of either dude on here?  Joe B, come one, get your game uploaded.  (hope nobody notices that my game is not uploaded here.  :-)  )

One must lead by example, Mark.  I'd bet that if you post a vid of your game, everyone will follow suit.  Then this site will be overloaded with vids.  That being said, my game has lots of holes and weaknesses, nor do I think my strokes are technically sound.  Thus people wouldn't watch it for instructional purposes but rather for the comedic value.  Furthermore, once people see how comical my game is, I might get challenged far more often that I would like by people looking for an easy kill.  Yet my manly pride would preclude me from refusing these challenges, putting me into a rather dire and ultimately potentially fatal tennis situation (i.e. I might cry when I lose).

So much bait here in this post that my brain is just imploding.  We are all a bit comical since none of us are true pros; we all pale in comparison to what we are used to seeing on TV.

I'm going to do it, I just need a good cameraman - my son and daughter are still not good at staying focused and not filming the tops of their feet!

Cry when you lose lol  Only kids at the summer camp do that. ;)

I never attended a summer camp, so I have to make up for it somehow, ha ha ha!

The only crying allowed is from the spicy hot kimchi!

Game on. Where are we doing this?

Where do you guys want to meet? Let's decide so I can book my hotel Hehehehe

Joe and I were talking about meeting in Riverside or Corona. How's that sound?

let me google maps it


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