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ATTN TENNISOPOLIS MEMBERS: Carpooling or creating a fun group get together to Indian Wells tournament this year

I was wondering if we could get a group of Tennisopolis members to go to the great Indian Wells tournament. If we can agree on a day or two, it would be really cool to hang out and have a ball. 

The dates are March 5-18. It is free on the first day. There's lots of food vendors, beer garden, tennis equipment and clothing vendors, opportunities to get player signatures (I got Laver and Nadal) test out racquets on a real court at Tennis Warehouse tent, fast gun radar, nice picnic type grass in front of a giant video monitor...

Mark Mayor, the Tennisopolis creator, will be there and we're looking to have a hit on a local tennis court as well. Love to play doubles with a bunch of people!

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The wifey apparently wants to go, but it would have to be a weekend.  So possibly the finals.  When are you going?

I probably will go a couple of times. Last year, I think I went on the weekend and then got lucky to see the final!

Sorry to hijack the top comment.  :-)


If you are going to the big tournament and want to stay in touch with other 'opolis members and stay in tune with what we are up to, join this group.  I'll keep you posted on a group meet-up or two on the grounds via this group.


Ok, looks like the wife and I will be out there for the semi-finals, March 17.  We're gonna stay overnight, and leave on Sunday sometime.  Too bad I won't get to meet Mark, since he's leaving a bit early.  You gonna be there around that time, Tim?

The semis, eh? Sounds like a good time to go. Well, I want to go three times out there. I'll try to make the semis one of those times. :)

I need a place to crash.......and play tennis for free I will pay my own Travel & Food. any econo lodges?

Tons of cheap non chain motels out there :)

I'll be out there for a few days... Not sure which days yet. I would like to hook up and play some dub's. Let me know when you'll be out there.

I gotta check the draw first. I want to make sure I see good matches. :)

Great idea Tim.

We will be there from the 8th to the 15th.

I will be with my parents, wife and kids - so I may not be able to get away on my own except for once or twice. 

I think I have an idea for how everyone can keep in touch out there.  I'll come back to explain.

Heck, for us SoCal people, it would make sense to carpool. It's a long drive for most L.A. people.

We'll be out there again this year. Part of our normal routine is to spend time at the Shadow Mountain resort for tennis drills Great instructors and a fun time (no, I'm not affiliated with them in any way).


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