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Bryan VS Jake 2....3.5 Division Championship REMATCH!!!!! PLACE YOUR BETS!!!!!

Better Tennis Fast & Simple.

Hello Tennisopolites!!!!

We Will have another Tennisopolis Match-up soon!!

here is the Scoop!

Bryan VS JAKE II 3.5 Championships

IN My Tennis Travels I ran into Jake.... he lost like 30lbs....after some small talk he says to me

"I Wants to beat up Bryan Again".  I'm thinking ok sounds like Fun :).

Still had plenty to do this pass week. I had not contact Bryan about me meeting Jake and about having a rematch.  The very next day, driving to my next tennis lesson... my phone rings and its Bryan talking about " I'm ready to beat Jake now."

I'm like WOW how the world turns.... it seems to be an epic match again!!! Despite the last meetings results.

To See what happened the first time visit

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We Got about 800 Views and Raised 0- dollars for underprivileged kids tennis. That's a Shame! this time around I hope to raise enough money to give at least 1 kid a free week of tennis camp.

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I would like a donation of $1 to View. so after you donate $1 feel free to comeback and see the trash talking and Fun as much as you like.

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So what's the official date?

Im thinking around Wimbledon/ build an audience raise some funds.  do a live interview show with tennisopolis Ustream TV channel. Do a live weight in & have Derek D on the phone interviewing Bryan & Jake with me in my living room with Tennis in the background.  Then the match will be the next day.

PS When is Wimbledon?

I would imagine that Bryan has really come a long way since the first battle.  Can you confirm this?

My money's on Bryan.

I cannot confirm. but the conversations about tennis have grown more mature. Bryan defiantly has gained a lot more experience.

I want to do it either by June 22 or 23rd.

I'm still not sure but probably 90% on Tuck this time.

3.5 division?

Yeah its the middle ground.

we need Jake and Bryan to drop in on this thread and LIGHT IT UP!  LET THE TRASH TALKING BEGIN!

i called Bryan today.

You're right. Let's light this thread up. I am going to destroy Jake. No questions about it. He's going down. If he even shows up.


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