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hi tennis fans! this is CoachV, bringing you an update on  Brandon Gita's tennis Development. Over the Summer , Training had lead to success on the Court Lvl-3 & Lvl-4 Boys 16's titles this year so far. Serve is still a weakness, but a major slow down this week for 2 hours has help him see what he is doing on serve. but the update is a break through on VOLLEY!!!!!!.....

yes Tennisopolites, Brandon has discovered how to volley better today.

LILBG's Volley and serve have been thumb tacks on my chair for the last year. today at the PGA Tour Store in Roswell we were working on volley to volley. LilBG kept making the same chopping, slicing, punching, stabbing mistakes he always makes, along with the movement mistakes. I crush him easy. but then, i remembered a Tennis volley tip i got back at Harlem about Cocking the Wrist back. This is  similar  to doing a Tennis down.  I manhandled him to show him physically.  then SFX* KAABoom *, he was volleying. but he stop making the same mistakes & Made new ones. a great day for tennis.

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Dude, put up a video showing how you cock the wrist back here. It'd be great!

The Cock / Lock of the wrist.... May be different or locked in different position slightly based on the ball path. Like i said in above that the Wrist is lock/cock like doing "Downs" fast. the only Difference is that you are using the continental grip and doing an UP. or hold the wrist in sharp V shape get under the ball and do an up for a volley.

Congratulations on the breakthru - I know half the battle is getting the student to really try what you are saying.  Once they get locked in their ways, they can be stubborn.  So what a big day for BG!  Good luck in those L3 and L4 tourneys!


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