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Been hitting with this fella over the last few weeks......

Stock spec is around 341g/7pts hl/ 320sw/ 20mm beam

new modded spec after a bit of tinkering Im now at 367g /32,2cm balance /360sw (8g added between 11-1 in hoop, dampener (2g) overgrip (7g) lead top of handle (9g)) strung with solinco tour bite @49lbs (strings up tight feels like 55lbs)

These were my initial thoughts.........

Had a short hit with a coach who used to have a few atp points this morning.....

Initial thoughts were all about feel and it did not disappoint, very similar to my volkl dnx 10 mids, the feel is old skool graphite, crisp, slightly raw with the tour bite, loads of feedback, you know exactly how well and where you have hit the ball.

My second thought was stiffness, its stiffer than my mids a very compact feel that is great for groundies, it never feels like you get into trouble on the backswing, hard to describe, hits thro your opponents spin, feels like its made of steel but its really comfortable with that volkl softness. Specs say 64ra but it feels closer to 60 imo.

A number of reviews have talked about the low power and dense pattern, well, its not low powered at all its a beast, reminds me of k95 kinda power off the ground without the arm kill. Loads of spin, the stringbed is not particularly dense, i was getting the same spin i do from my open patterned mids. Overlapped the two rackets are not too different. The headsize doesnt feel 98 it feels much smaller in a good way but feels its full size when hitting from the back, very penetrating heavy ball, very noticable, as I said its a bit of a beast.

Volleys great, just so stable, serves bombs, deffo a Becker stick. Slice backhands were unreal. Control as you would expect. Amazing stick!

Its like Becker has taken the power and grunt of the 6.1 line, the manouverability and CAP grommet stability of a prestige, the feel and refinement of a volkl and made the DC Melbourne.

Im playing so well atm with my dnx mids so Im not just gonna switch, it was a short session today so need extra hours and matchplay but all I can say is that its the same as my mids but with some extra grunt and solidness. A true allcourt/S&V players stick if you've got the game.

Had a few more sessions and a couple of matches and everything is still as Ive said, Ive taken a bit of weight off the hoop ( a gram or two) when playing in cold, windy conditions and this has helped with manouverability as your body gets slower but when the weather is ok I will add it back on.

I wasnt really looking for a new racket after playing so well with my dnx 10 mids, read some reviews and the Melbourne seemed like a bigger headed brother so I thought id give it a try, its good to have the extra forgiveness when playing quality, heavy hitters. I used my mids alongside the Melly yesterday and there is a noticable oomph difference, I was hitting slightly long but my tension has dropped and I need to restring. Im very taken with this stick now, my go to racket.

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So I decided to put double layer lead from 1-5  from buttcap to counterbalance the 10 and 2 o'clock. It will keep it at 31.5 cm although I need to check on a balance board. Feels much better. I don't want to give up on this racquet, because I think the Delta Core is really good!

is it a c-10 with a paint job?

Wow, come to think of it, it does look like a C-10. But it plays totally different. In my eyes, it feels like a Wilson K90 with a much lighter hoop. It does the same strong cut on the ball, doesn't seem to flex much, and has that saber like feel. It has very little dwell time. The ball just zips off the string bed and goes straight as an arrow. Of course, I didn't string it loose but at 56/59 lbs, which is probably way too tight for this frame. 

I also had to take out lead off the top of the hoop down to 3 grams and kept 4 in the handle. This frame is so sensitive to lead, it's very hard to get it right. It's like I have to use half as much as I normally would.

Totally need to string much lower, poly mid 40's I promise you tim, dwell time comes back, feel is better but still had those qualities you mention.

Yes it is sensitive to lead, took me a month of fiddling, worth it tho its singing now.

Alright then. I either am going to cut out those strings or loosen it up the old fashioned way. Play with the racquet over time, serving tons of hard practice serves. lol Let me know which Pro's Pro string you ended up on and what exact tension.

only tried two so far,both good but hexaspin twist @45lbs worked very very well!


Just put Pacific power poly pro black in @ same tension.....

Alright then, I hope the shop has that one. I was thinking of trying Scorpion or Black5Edge, but that sounds good.

Ive got b5e i think it will work well in this frame at that tension, wasnt so fussed with it in an open pattern, it felt thin but should be good to go here. Ive got scorpion too but Ive never used it, I also think it should be nice and plush in this frame.


Alright, Scorpion it is then. I'll give it a whirl.

I don't like how it feels at the tip of the frame at my current tension of 56/59.  It's very pingy and stiff up at the top. It only feels good there with a vibration dampener up there, and that looks tacky! The IG Radical MP feels just great anywhere on the stringbed. Just feels like velvet! Does yours feel good at the lower tension at the top?

Its better now I've gone softer and lowered tension, this is something I dislike in any frame but I've managed to rid myself of the ping!


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