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Hi Tennisopolites!

I have been selected to participate in the 19th international unmarked String test by

" I have been selected as a tester because it is believed that I ( CoachV ) will provide a reliable and qualified test report within a reasonable time frame (6weeks)."

Back early in my tennis career, I strung racquets for retired John McEnroe and Davis Cup captain Jim Courier at the Tennis Port Racquet Club in Queens NYC.  So that is my expertise in Stringing.

So Tennisopolis Whats the new string look like well...

I have just gotten 2 packages of string today from Germany/neckarsteinach ( Thanks JENS!!!! )

one string is Black 1.24-Guage ( 17G )

the second string is Red/Silver and 1.30 guage ( 16G )

Both are some form of polyRules of testing are : Download the Guideline for your own personal use here on attachments

Do Not Hybrid

Compare the test strings in parallel using identical racquets at the same tension.

elaborate on the differences in your reviews.

if an ERT/RDC string-bed stiffness Measure right after stringing.

24 hours after stringing

& every Hour of play

I plan to update about the string here. I will be using 2 new never strung Wilson Prostaff 6.1 Ninety fresh out the bags to compare and test the strings. Comment and Stay tuned for what I Find.

To Learn More about Strings Stringing or Get reviews about strings Visit

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Very cool, V!

So I gather they have not told you anything about either string.  Crazy idea: what if both strings are the exact same except the color!?! 


wow never thought of that!

that would really be a way to debunk some stringers.  LOL

Well my first test comparison is the physical bend test. the Physical bend test is when I bend the string with my hands. On the bend test, the Sliver Red String-16G seemed to be more bendable and a bit softer.  so i guessing that the black string is a full poly and the Silver/red is a co-poly but that's just a guest. I really don't know the make of the strings but so far the sliver is a bit softer.  I am looking for a string tester to do a complete test.  they didn't have it in Sports authority so my next 2 spots to check are DICKS & PGATour Super Store.

i Calibrated my Gamma x-es Stringer yesterday as part of the Evaluation. My Gamma didnt need any work and is still operating at perfect condition.

I dont have a string-meter and could use one but I will not have one in time of the six weeks allowed to evaluate the string.

Since my stringer is working perfectly I will string both racquets today at 45LBS which is my normal playing tension with a hybrid.  it might be a bit tough on my arm but its ok.

Today I have strung both strings into my racquets. the BLack-17G and the RED/Silver-16G

  1. at 45.lbs, both Strings seem flexible and stretched when pulled. With the RED/Silver string being a bit more flexible.
  2. Sound Test is good both strings pulled tension within each other about a .5-LBS of a difference with the 1.30/16G-RED/SILVER being a half step Pitch higher.
  3. The Black String-1.24/17G String  was also about 2 grams lighter than the Red/Silver 16G after the single piece string job. My racquet are 1 gram off with each other and where off from by 3 grams after the job.
  4. The Red/Silver string is also heavier than what Im used to bringing my racquet up to 13oz.
  5. String Sound comparison of the Black16g & RED/Silver17G my usual string Racquet set up was that my usual hybrid setup had a higher Pitch than both freshly string racquets. my Guess is its off buy 3-4 lbs. but that could also be to the nature of a full bed string job VS a Hybrid.
  6. play test later today.
  7. Video of examples will be up today as well.

It is interesting that your normal strings that you use have a higher pitch even though you strung them a week ago.

My string are stiffer. The play test strings Reviews on all of them got reviews saying that these poly's are extremely flexible. And stretched allot more than normal poly. With everyone disliking the red/sliver ones more because of the bad tension loss.

That is the age old problem:  feels better, but doesn't last long.  Just like me in bed!     JK

ok I hit 100 volleys and 100 Mini tennis shots today and some baseline rally. with each of the string.

Weather was an extreme factor this evening. 30 Degrees and fast winds.

  1. The 16G-RedSilver string had a very soft feel for the volleys and mini tennis.
  2. The Black String had a Very Soft feel but the redSilver String was a decimal point of of softness more from the black String.
  3. Ground-strokes however was very surprising. 
  4. The black string had a softer feel with a heavy spin. it didn't seemed to have a consistent hit. The Weather being a factor
  5. The RedSilver string didn't feel as soft with ground strokes as did the black strings but gave a more consistent hit. weather was a big factor.

Tomorrow I will do another video Sound test for the tension

day 2 part 2. video first i will blog later tonight.

The Temperature was 27 degrees this evening. no wind so we were able to get in a good hit. I fed about 140 balls with each racquet. Liking the red/silver ones better. In the Cold the Black String felt stiff. I also served and played points with both racquets. the black stings started to hurt my arm a little after serving. When playing with the Red/Silver it felt better but they red silver are softer.

The Feel of the Red/Silver string is great. I had LIL BG running all over. black string performance I will blame on the weather.

I have finished my Evaluation of the blind String Test. to view comments about the 19th international blind string test Please Visit


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