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I have this idea for this thread.
You know how there are all these kernels of tennis wisdom that are easier said than done? They can be so frustrating in their simplicity. Let's list all the prophetic one-liners in this thread. Try to avoid discussion, oh, and one at a time please. :-)

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These are hilarious.  But I like the "Breathe" advice.  That is important.

has anyone mentioned

" Step "

One fault is a mistake, but two faults is a crime.
Thats Funny. I like that one.
It's from The Art of Lawn Tennis... Good read, definately written in a different time and generation. It has lots of clever phrases and rules of ettiquite. Even more than that it simplifies the game. Good recommendation Coach!

got this one from my attorney friend....


after someone pulls a if in doubt, call it out play.....


"just so we're clear... are balls that hit the line considered out?..... i'm just asking so that I know how to call it on my side"

" I didnt Foot Fault you______________( suspected Vulgar Material ) " - Serena Williams
See the ball... Be the ball
Good one!
Nice Shot. But it was still out.

CoachV quote of the Day.

I dont play tournaments, I win tournaments.


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