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I have this idea for this thread.
You know how there are all these kernels of tennis wisdom that are easier said than done? They can be so frustrating in their simplicity. Let's list all the prophetic one-liners in this thread. Try to avoid discussion, oh, and one at a time please. :-)

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another classic...

coaching my boys in a doubles match after my number one seeded boys were down 1-4 to some no names at the State Qualifying...
"If you don't get your HEAD out of your ___, you will be running so much, you'll think you're on the crosscountry team. Get in there and kill it, kill the ball, kill something."

They won the next 11 games.
Middle solves the riddle! - Doubles
That's a good one :-)

Blake said:
Middle solves the riddle! - Doubles
as well as "down the middle is the riddle". (Speaking of hitting right between your doubles oppponents.)

Blake said:
Middle solves the riddle! - Doubles
Always finish your stroke.
Get some free tennis lessons from the pros. Finally have slew of videos that everyone might enjoy.

Oh, and don't cross your right leg over your left on the would be surprised how common that is.
That's a great one Steve!  I see it on the forehand side too.  I've been hitting with more of a 3/4 open stance lately, but could still use some opening up on the BH.

Try to hit the baseline.  (Forces you to hit higher over the net)

Try to hit the bottom of the ball.  (Makes you focus as well as hit with a lot of topspin.  Just make sure your racket face is closed.)

Take a small hop as your opponent hits the ball.

Like it!
Try to see the ball hit the strings. (I tried this after reading that Federer can actually do it.  Can't do it myself, but it sure helped me focus.)


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