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Tennis Week's Carrie Milbank making the rounds - so what if it's in a bikini?

Tennis Week's own Carrie Milbank has a secret sexy side - well, not so secret anymore based on these photos making the rounds today.

The Texas-born commentator recently sat down with The Love of Sports to discuss her growing brand and how she made her way into the conversations involving the biggest tennis ballers in the world:
It was the 2006 U.S. Open and Roger Federer had just defeated Andy Roddick for his three-peat win. He was exhausted, stuck in a tiny little room, his trophy on his lap, dozens of interviews lined down the hallway, mine being one of the very last of the evening. When it was finally my turn to sit down with Roger I was sure he would be dishing out one-word answers if anything more than just a nod. But instead, he was one of the most gracious, humble and patient interviews I ever had, and at that moment I truly became a tennis fan. My gig with didn’t come along until a year later, so you can imagine how quickly I jumped at the opportunity to host a weekly show about one of the greatest sports and some of the most gifted athletes of our time.
But you probably wouldn't want to ask her to hit a few balls with you:
Personally, I’m a total spaz attack out on the court. I can’t even get anyone to play with me ... I am that bad.
I'm sure the (straight) guys wouldn't mind Carrie.

But she isn't just a one-sport kinda girl. The former Houston Texans' cheerleader also dabbles in hockey ("Just give me a gritty, action-packed game and I’m a happy girl") and auto-racing and sports cars ("Is it too much to ask for my car to turn into a Transformer at the end of the day and cuddle?”) and power-drinking apparently:
I usually go straight for the hard stuff ... Ketel One Vodka. [Though] on a beer night, it’s all about Blue Moon straight from the tap with a fresh orange slice, but at home it’s my boy Sam Adams Light.
Oh Carrie - you're like every guy's (and some girl's, btw) wet dream: a drinking, car-loving, sports fanatic who likes to lie on rocks while posing in a bikini. You're, like, SO hired for anything.

What was I saying about some girls having all the luck?

(The Love of Sports via Deadspin)

*Via Down the Line!

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Comment by Jazz Burks on October 12, 2008 at 4:17am
OMG! They need to pan that camera down more! She's got some nice "white girl junk" back there!

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