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So I found out about this site after asking around the tenniswarehouse forum about blogging my tennis sessions and someone directed me to this site. Hopefully I can constantly write down whatever is bothering me on the court and get some perspective or insights on random (at least im not picking up hitchikers). About month ago, I had first usta match and for some reason I couldn't sleep for days as I always get nervous before matches that "count" and have very hard time focusing as well.. My mind wanders, freaks out and in panic mode. Contrary, I play so well in nice environment where nothing really is on the line other then for "pride" and the fact you know you can beat the player (like your buddy you know). I don't know how crazy I am but I pretty much drove to the facility hours before so i can calm my nerves and warm up... But i still couldn't relax and I feel that I probally have some undealt with anxiety disorder i should probally go see a doctor for (seriously!) Anyhow, truth comes out in challenges and I felt that my worse case scenario started happening during the match... My mind went blank, felt heart racing, body felt stiff, and started making unforced errors. To combat that, i started to breath but didn't help much and pushed the ball to stay alive... I usually take full cuts but for some reason I just couldn't as mental errors were forcing me back to do my usual swings... I ended up relaxing towards the end after feeling like i had the match under wraps but so many times in the past i would be up 5-1 5-2 etc... and opponent comes back that it seems its just a battle from start to finish... I feel sometimes like quitting because I have more real issues that are affecting me in tennis but something always keeps drawing me back to this game....I'm thinking its probally due to bordeom, fun factor, challenge, boredom or all of the above..... either way this is a magnificent sport but so challenging if you want to keep getting better and push yourself...

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Comment by Mr. Jessie L. on March 30, 2010 at 10:53am
An old veteran senior player once gave me some advice on tennis: "Just the game simple! Try not to think too much about your game or in the end you will defeat yourself! And lastly, Go out there and have FUN!". This is the best advice i have ever been given on tennis. This person who had given me this advice is around 80+ years old and has been playing tennis for 65+ years. I am amazed to this day that he is still playing tennis to this day!
Comment by Jazz Burks on March 20, 2010 at 3:42pm
I had that same problem with my 1st USTA matches. I don't that same nervousness anymore because I've played in over 100 of them since. As a team singles player you really want to do well for the team and yourself so I can understand the increasead anxiety. One thing that really helped to ease me into league play is that I was a great doubles player for my level (3.0). In doubles to have the suppoort of a good partner that wants to win as much as you do really helps ease the nerves. As far as closing out opponents, I would say that people in the USTA and other matches that "count" want to win as much as you do so just be prepared for a fight until the last ball is struck. There is the rare occasion that an opponent gives up and says, "its just not my day". I'll be honest and say I love to have those matches in league or tourney play, because then I can just "escort" them to the finish line, shake hands, and get a win that "counts". However unless you totally outclass your opponent you'll probbably only see that moment in your post match analysis. In the heat of battle it'll be a titanic struggle that could have gone either way.

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