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Players: What is your favorite string? Stringers: What's your most popular string?

I want to buy some reels to begin stringing tennis rackets.  But first I need to know which strings to buy.  What's your favorite string, and why?  What's your most popular string?


Would appreciate any feedback you can give. Thanks! 

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Eagnas, they are so inexpensive and great . ive been using them for 2 years now
Thanks! I will check them out!

Well the top sellers tend to be, Prince syn multiflex, Lux Alu, Wilson Sensation and NXT, Babolat RPM. I personally like Solinco Tour Bite, Lux M2, gamma professional, Pro Line II.

Thanks for your input, Hal! I had heard that the RPM Blast, NXT and Luxilon ALU are pretty popular, and your response just confirms that.  I just bought a Prince Neos stringing machine and I'm hoping to do some stringing on weekends.  Not sure where you're located but if you're ever in LA I'll string a racket for you for real cheap!
no problem, I'm in Nor Cal, but have a nice electronic so I'm good. Good luck with the stringing you got a solid machine also. make sure to carry the top ones and then fill out inventory with sets of less popular and custom set ups.

Giselle, here is the list I promised you, but this is more like what I feel about all these strings.



            Alu Power (regular)- remarkable cut and drive potential, stiff but manageable, durable.

            Alu Rough- stiff, must be strung lower than regular Alu Power, great cross string to support either synthetic guts or multis, never do full set about 57 lbs, too boardy otherwise.

            Ace- great 18 gauge, do not string above 60, has nice feel with synthetic gut hybrid

            Timo- very good 17 gauge, good in a full set around 57-59 lbs.

            M2- little dull, too much spring, better off hybriding with a multi like Fisher M-One multi

            Original/ Fluoro- both very dull, sluggish.



            Red Code: 16 gauge great for flat hitters, 17 gauge for spin hitters, stiff, yet comfortable

            Black Code: rubbery, not good tension maintenance for very long, 18 gauge use as a cross only 

            X-One Biphase: very gut like multi, frays alot but has very soft feel, slight bite

            NRG 2:  More punchy than X-One, and not as soft, but still has nice feel



           Pro Line 2: very good blend of touch, feel, slight bite, more for those who like to roll their drives, all around string

           Super Smash: Very thick, bland feel. First generation, can get decent spin though, doesn't last.



          Hurricane Tour: solid, smooth playing, good bite, lasting control string, 17 or 18 gauge plays best

          Excel Power: very good multi, has nice soft feel, doesn't last very long, lightweight

          RPM Blast: works well for spinners, better than Black Code, but gets dull and dead at the same time

          Addiction: cheap soft string, loses tension too fast, avoid.

          VS Gut: Best gut I've ever tried. Good protective coating, but better to string only in the mains. Real easy to burn the string as a cross against poly mains and snap if not careful. Prestretch always. The hybrid package with Hurricane Tour is a very good one to have, if you have picky seniors who want the best.



           NXT Tour: very good multi but frays very fast

           Sensation: Very bad tension loss, overly soft, cheap. Avoid.

           Enduro: decent playing, some bite but can break suddenly on shearing mishits


Head:  FXP Power: polyolefin string, strange feeling, no bite



          Live Wire/ Professional : Very good multis with lots of bite, lasts moderately

          TNT2: soft multi, very decent

          Zo Tour: Good bite, Alu Power competitor



         OG Sheep Micro: very trampoliny, only use as a cross

         Nanocubic: punchy multi

         Kevlar: very stiff, always string low like 52 lbs


Weiss Cannon:

         B5E: highly rated spin string, crispy, lots of bite

         Scorpion: all around control string

         Silverstring: control string, but very dull on slices, not a great deal of bite


Klip Excellerator: very smooth string, no bite, maybe too smooth to point of weird feel


Topspin Cyberflash: cheap reel, plays good for about 4 hrs, then loses ALL tension, avoid.


Tourna Big Hitter Blue: slightly unpredictable, but has good cut on ball


Yonex 850: decent mid range multi, smooth. use in cross with Solinco Tour Bite or Alu Rough



          Pro Poly Plasma: very good medium performing poly, cheap reel, nice bite, orange, good feel, hold tension

          Hyperion: good soft poly with good feel

          Tornado: rubbery but soft, good feel, but needs to be strung tighter than usual, like 61



          Energy: good soft string, for conservative hitters, not much spin, oily coating, cheap reels

          Turbo: excellent spin, blade like profile, loses tension fairly quickly, cheap reels



          Cyclone: very textured, crispy, brittle feel, use 17 or 18 gauge only

          Powerfiber: decent multi


Boris Becker Bomber: probably the best cross for a stiff poly like Alu Power or Red Code



          Tour Bite: the best spin string period. Almost as stiff as Alu Power, but has slight trampoline, but not annoying. Always hybrid with either syn gut or multi like Yonex 850.

          Outlast: crappy plastic feel, avoid.


MSV Focus Hex: stiff, dull feeling, has some bite. did not like.


Pro's Pro: 

          Cyber Power: a cheaper alternative to Alu Power, supposed to have some of the same characteristics

          Vendetta: terrible feel, avoid. no feel.


Eagnas:  strings for the budget conscious. Reels are very cheap from Gardena factory, Nano string that might be like Gosen Nanocubic. received only fair performance ratings on 


Synthetic Guts: a must have reel if you're going to do a stringing business

          Prince: great feel, non Duraflex feels better to me

          Dunlop: gold version has great feel

          Head: nice feel

          Wilson Stamina: decent feel

          Forten: very decent feel, cheap.






Now that's a list, great info, and I would concur with those reviews. I would say that the average player has not tried more than 3/4 of that list, but its good to have an idea of how all these strings play. I still string for many of my students and most use the most common strings, but I try to always let them know about new and potentially better setups.
Thanks Hal for concurring. I tried my best to say what the strings were without too much bias. Yeah, I doubt many people has tried all these strings. Unless they're a string junkie like me ;)

Tim, This is quite the list.  You are awesome!

I also agree with Hal and Tim that Solinco Tour Bite is a great string.  I have one racquet strung with it right now.  A similar string, that is much more affordable, is Genesis Spin X.  I like it so much, I just bought a reel of it (my first reel peeps!)

I've read about Genesis strings. Does Spin X get as much bite as Tour Bite? There is only one string I feel that got more spin and that was Polystar Turbo. A reel of that is $90 from a seller named "BigT Tennis" in Encino, CA. He sells reels on ebay too. Genesis has a similar price.


Haven't tried Genesis, is it similar to Pro Supex, I see former Pro Sup players using it.


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