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Hi all, I recently just got back into the game and recently picked up an older gamma stringer (6000 I think?) for 200 bucks!! So my question is, can someone recommend me a good string? It's kinda overwhelming how many different types of strings are out there. Strings that I have played recently are head's sonic pro, fxp, and syn gut. I liked the fxp but popped the srings in less than two hrs. The sonic pro had a great pocket feel for me but a tad bit pricey. I have also used goosen's og sheep 17, which is ok at best.

I am a hard hitting baseliner with heavy top spin. Thanks in advance guys!

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Damn, that's a deal! I used to pay 12 bucks for Pro Line 2. Tennis Plaza, eh?

I strung a racket with the pro line 2 yesterday evening and man that was a really stiff string to work with. It took me about an extra ten minutes longer than usually. I'm looking forward to hitting with it this evening. I did notice that their 17g string was thicker than Gosen's. Is that a common thing between different manufacturers?

Strings can vary within gauges.

String Gauges and Diameters in millimeters

15 = 1.41-1.49 mm 17 = 1.20-1.24 mm
15L = 1.34-1.40 mm 17L = 1.16-1.20 mm
16 = 1.26-1.33 mm 18 = 1.10-1.16 mm
16L = 1.22-1.26 mm 19 = 1.00-1.10 mm

I guess that is a yes. It was just the first time I had to adjust my clamps and I made it too tight at first bc I turned the knob the wrong way. Still learning this stringing machine.

Tim, played with the pro line 2 last night and love how they played. I strung a full bed at 57 and the feeling was amazing! I was able to get tons of spin, plenty of power and great feel when at the net. Thanks for the recommendation!!

Next string I'd recommend would be Solinco Tour Bite at 54. Glad you liked Pro Line 2. If you want a flatter hitting string, Tecnifibre Red Code at the tension 57 you use.

Also, string friction reduces string snap back. When playing with an old set of string, try putting a layer of some dry Teflon lubricant (Against ITF rules) and not WD-40 (Not a lubricant, but a solvent). Your strings will create ridiculous spin. The problem is that this will also change the stringed feel.

Very interesting. I'll try that, Joshua.

According to RSI and TW lab testing, gut hybrids have the highest average spin potential.  I would like to explain this concept in a visual fashion.

Picture gut with poly friction. I would like to think that the dry gut surface allows the plastic poly surface smooth and quick snap back.

A gut main and cross might cause a fire if shredded against each-other fast.

Poly main and cross would be good but they are both plastics and cause some friction.

Synthetic gut ( softer plastic) is softer and provides a more sticky surface.

After these results surfaced, string industry has been working toward more smooth and slick surfaces.

There is such thing as ball bite by texture, but the spin produced by texture is far less important than the spin created by string snap back by reduced string friction.

It would be neat if a string manufacturer produced a teflon based string. The problem would be clamping that slick string!!

Well, if they produce a smooth and slick string that produces more spin than Tour Bite, that should be fun (and illegal). hehe

I thought Big Hitter Black 7 was nearly as good as Tour Bite, but the control was lacking due to big tension loss.

I agree 100%

Tour Bite is a stiffer string non the less, and you can take bigger swipes at the ball.


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