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What stringing machine do you guys have
what are the pros & cons of your machine any special feature, any specification like no of points, manual/electric....

and what what you recommend for amateur stringers to buy.

please put your comments or at lest your machine name & model, this will be useful

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Alpha axis pro is a great one it is a crank with stand 6 point mounting system with 360 racquet rotation. I string in a proshop many racquets daily and havn't had any problems with it. check out for more details on it.
thanks joey, its definitely useful
eh btw are u interested in playing, I dont mind any level
an old prince P200. it might be 20 years old but it still does the job.
thank you
Babolat Star 2, constant pull system.....a real work horse
thank you, I didn't know babolat makes stringing equipments
Silent Partner DG with upgraded clamps (same as Aria). CP, 100% accuracy out of the box and all the features I could ever want. USRSA review was spot-on about this machine.
I have an Eagnas Hawk stringer that I got about 10 years ago. It has the manual crank tensioner. I've thought to replace it a couple times but as long I keep the clamps clean and tensioner calibrated it does a great a job.
I have a KlipperUSA Klippermate stringer, 2pt mount with a manual swing weight tentioner. Perfect cheap stringer to buy if you are stringing for yourself and friends.

Small package/portable, affordable $150 with string samples, great manual, durable machine, never need to calibrate, fast mounting, yellow color :) , very good and heavy duty clamps, lifetime warranty, oh and the factory is like 10min from my house.

Need to clean the clamps after stringing natural gut, 2pt mounting system, flying clamps are usually slower your stringing time, sometimes too much or not enough string slack between the racquet and the tensioner, need to readjust once in a while.
At our shop, we have two Gamma 8500 ELS's with 6-point mounting system (I like the 6 better than 2)

I've been stringing since I was a little guy, and this machine is far and away the best machine I've ever strung with.

It's pricey, but so worth it... even beginner stringers can get a racquet just perfect, because all the work is done for you... just gotta go thru the motions... great clamps, no slippage, even a system that measures your string for you as you pull it off the reel.

I recommend this machine over any other brand's top machine.

Hope this helps.

-Ben of Tennis Zone
I have an Eagnas Combo 910. It's a crank and I use various strings so I always calibrate before stringing to check the settled tension after 30 seconds (average clamp time - I'm not competing for the 12 minute string job). Nice quality and customer service was good - nice buying experience (contrary to posts - I originally ordered their Flex 940 and then called them 15 minutes later and asked for the substitution - no issues). This stringer doesn't have the name recognition or higher price of the other guys - but it is in my basement - no one down there to impress.

Nice clamps, 360 turntable, reliable crank, best pricing I could find...only negative, it is not portable for traveling to events.
Depending on your space requirements, you have a table top and an upright. I have both. I have a Gamma x2 drop weight which is a table top & I have a Eagnas Flex 940 lockout crank upright. Most tabletop stringers will run about $90 to $5000.00. Most upright will run from $400 to $10,000.

There are three type of stringer
Drop weight
Crank (Lock out) - manual & electronic
Electronic Constant pull


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