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My Racket, What's Yours??

I am continually interested in tennis rackets, strings and tensions of other players and the reasons why we make these choices.

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Comment by hofertennis on February 8, 2009 at 12:12am
Prince racquets are good racquets but they are not the best. This whole speedport, o port thing is a bunch of huey! Most advanced players are using the inserts in the ports which eliminates the trampoline effect of the racquet but they still claim it has a 30% larger sweet spot. And the aero effects from a faster swing are bogus too since very few players swing with the racquet horizontal. I used the Prince EXO 95 head today at the USPTA conference and it was a good racquet but not any better than my Dunlop.
Comment by Meags on February 7, 2009 at 11:31am
Just played again and this racket is fantastic, the touch at the net, drop shots, you can really hit out at the ball from the baseline, great spin for a 18x20 super racket and no 'buzz' dont know where its gone but Im glad to say its gone (see above)!
The Wilson and Fischer are in the bag the new Prince Rebel reigns, I can deffo see more people taking this racket up inc pros.
Comment by Meags on February 6, 2009 at 11:09am
I think all rackets have different qualities and it depends on your playing style.
I think a good rule is the heavier the better only as long as you can handle the weight. It gives you more power and control. Theres a balance tho, for example the stiffer the racket the more power, more flex IMO gives the edge on manouverability and touch. Strings and tension etc are so important they can make a good racket bad and a bad racket good.
Prince are popular as are all the major manufacturers. Personally I have worked thro a lot of recent rackets and found the Wilsons and Heads very solid, Fischer have something very special about them, Babolat seem very baseline orientated, powerful, stiff and less good for net players. Prince Im new with Ive never liked the 100sq inch speedports for me too round for my liking but I have bought the Rebel below as specs suit my style.
Id work out racket weight and head size and demo a few in that range from all the manufacturers.
On the tours all are popular but I think the wilson 6.1 95 is used by most pros and I can vouch for how good a racket it is. I keep playing with balance and added weight etc and trying different rackets but the first racket I pull out of my bag is the Wilson. Saying that if its really warm and playing with new balls ive been using the fischer as the wilson is too powerful. Im just in the process of taking the wilsons tension to over 60 Lbs something Ive never done before, It gives me a little less power.
I would like a racket to suit all occassions and as I dont have a stringer following me around Ive got a different racket to suit extreme playing conditions
Comment by Meags on February 6, 2009 at 4:11am
Its also extremely head light, added to the o ports etc this feels really light so Im gonna add weight to the 9 and 3 areas like I normally do and see how we get on. Im excited cos it was lovely from the back of the court, just needed a bit more oomph with some added weight. This may stop the buzz? or it may be that Prince's new floating stringbed is causing this sound. I know a lot of players like that wooden racket/no dampener zing when they hit the ball, most call this 'feel', me I dont thats why I play Alu Power rough in a hybrid, its a dead string I like that.
Im writing this rubbish as I cant go out and play as its freezing cold here with snow on the courts, maybe crampons might do the trick............!
Comment by Meags on February 6, 2009 at 3:02am
Have received my new Rebel and had a little knock yesterday with the wife, so not a full blooded hit I have to say so will write more when I have the opportunity for a game.
What I did notice was it had a good allround feel, groundstrokes fealt good, depth, pace etc Serves good, although didnt really let loose.
Tthe weight feels much lighter than a 350g racket.
Initial worries, firstly there's a noise, a buzz off the strings that reminds me of not having a dampener on which I dislike. It may be that this is due to slightly off centre hits? This creates a vibration in the racket that reminds me of cheaper, lighter rackets. This is unlike my other rackets that have a rock solid feel.
I think as an initial hit, which was more lollipop tennis with missus (her 3rd game) so you'll understand my worries might be due to the strings settling in a bit or what I said above. At the end of the session I asked her to feed me some shots and it fealt good. I think as players we get an initial feeling and I hope the racket proves itself a worthy addition to my collection.
I'll ket you all know, Its snowing here so I need to book indoors!
Comment by Meags on January 30, 2009 at 4:12pm
Have just bought the Prince rebel and am waiting for it to arrive from the US. Really looking forward to testing the racket, will let you know how i get on.........
Comment by Meags on January 18, 2009 at 5:14pm
Great blog site Prince, really interesting to have a Prince techno pro looking at the blogs and helping
Comment by Jazz Burks on January 18, 2009 at 4:22pm

I'm still hitting with the Diablo tour. I went form the midplus to the midsize. I find that I have more "oomph" on my hard hit shots and my opponents have to actually do something to get the ball back instead of just sticking out their racquets and pushing back a deep shot. Now all I have to do is build the arm strength to use it everyday. Two days in a row is fine but three has me reaching for the midplus.
Comment by Meags on January 18, 2009 at 2:46pm
Obliged.............maybe not for the whole of 2009, but you can certainly be flavour of the month!
Comment by Prince on January 18, 2009 at 1:53pm
Thanks Richard - we think the profile pic for this group, for 2009 should be the EXO3 Rebel 95 :) Great group. Look forward to being part of it and keeping players informed about new offerings in the EXO3 line throughout the year.

Dont forget all you racquet lovers - talk directly with Prince's Global Business Director of Performance Racquets at - about all things racquets. Ask him question and he will respond directly. Be sure to check it out if you are a true fan of racquets.

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