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Hey guys - It's time for a top 3 :-)

I was curious about everyone's recipe to avoid being sore the day after a few big matches or very intense training. Can be to prevent any type of 'soreness'... lactic acid, knots in muscles, tendons or ligaments inflammation, etc...

Personally here are mine:

-8 hours of sleep

-Sufficient carbs and protein intake

-Proper hydration

-A little supplement of BCAA's after the exercice, just because I can ;)

What about you guys?

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Simple...a nice big fruit smoothie made at home in a blender. Replaces the glycogen and gets you on fast track to recovery from workout. In general, unprocessed plant based foods are extremly important for overall well being.

Shereef, do you add a bit of amino acids or protein in your smoothies?

Restoring your glycogen does give you back a nice buffer of energy to tap into. I like your comment about the importance of processed foods since they are a great source of nutrients. I would build to it and add that diversity is also key: it allows you to have a proper intake of all necessary nutrients for an active healthy lifestyle. i.e. Essential Amino Acids (9 of them), Vitamins and minerals. These days with easy access to fast and processed foods, we are most at risk than ever...

Hey Kevin, I add nothing to my smoothies. My favorite smoothie has almond milk, banana, orange, mango or peach, carrots, mixed berries, and kale. I get all my aminos/protein from a variety of legumes/beans, fruits and veges. I used to be a regular carnivore till about 8 months ago. I read about wholesome plant based food and decided to try for a week. I ended up staying on it. Everything I eat is plant based and as close to whole as possible. The trick is to eat a wide vareity of those foods. I hit just as hard and weightlift with no issues at all. Energy and fitness wise it has been just great! Lots of big strong animals build their muscle mass off eating plants. I thought it was going to be a pain at first but I found some good cook books with delicious recipes. One of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Hey Shereef, that's good news, I'm happy for you. I don't know many people that managed to adapt to meatless life. I wonder if you find it complicated to get all of the 9 EAA'S, the top 30 vitamins, nutrients and minerals... Do you use any tools to track this down?

I'm not sure what you mean by tool, however you do have to make sure you eat a wide variety. The amounts of fruits, veges, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds I eat daily easily cover vitamins, minerals and the essenetial amino acids the body does not synthesize. A simple example for aminos in a meal would be a mexiican black beans and corn with some veggies. So just wide variety and not fall into the habit of just eating same foods a lot. Proof of course is in how you feel and I have never felt better. Once you look into cooking this way and find recipes, you get very tasty food as well. Honestly, surprised me a great deal that I took to it with ease. Also cannot express how important daily fruit vege smoothies are. They give you loads of nutrition in an easy tasty form to take in. I probably get more fruit and vege everyday then the average american does in a week. 

1.  sports massage but could be expensive

2.  jacuzzi

3.  muscle relaxant--but that's a bit cheating

This is very important to me as I have a demanding job and home life with 2 young children and a dog who expects his long walks.  In order to play my best on the court and have fresh legs for my active life these are the things I do to avoid soreness:

1.  Coconut water during match

2. 15 minutes after match I start a 20 minute post stretch routine

3. Post match high protein smoothie (milk, peanut butter, bananna, whey protein, chocolate)


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