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The WTA plans to muzzle the next generation with the aid of umpires armed with hand-held devices to measure noise levels on court. Education at major tennis academies and with juniors and players at lower-tier tournaments has already begun.

Well, all these juniors better hush up! LOL!

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HAHAHA!! Good one, Mark!

Interestingly, I was just at a lower level pro event here in ABQ, and Michelle Larcher de Brito, who has forever been listed among the loudest with Sharapova and Azarenka, was there and noticeably quieter - much quieter.  She has more of a low exhale sound now.  I figured she is ready to change her image, but maybe she is just getting ready for the new rules to kick in.

Wonder what Jimbo's opinion is on all this. lol

Is she exhaling gently here? hehe

hahaa that's perfect.  Are there any grunters on here?  I am curious how big of a deal it is to mute yourself if you have been used to it your whole life

Actually, I do grunt on difficult on the run shots, especially if it is a down the line pass. Jimbo, Mac, Lendl. They all did it. Nobody muffled those guys!

Definitely agree, and it is pretty common when exerting extra effort, most of us either do this or wouldn't think twice if it happened across the net.  

It is funny/interesting when players unleash loud grunts or squeals on easy shots and short balls....the same shots (and sometimes more difficult shots) executed perfectly and silently in both practice and in the warm-up.

They are "official-lizing" their forehand volley approach and droppers. hahaha!

Looked at calendar, its NOT April 1st...

What are Maria and Vika gonna do to cure themselves by then??

Ah yes, April's Fools. Well, no. This is for real. Haha!

Hmm, not so sure one big enough could be made. haha!


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