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With a 53-1 record and 9 titles to his name, Djokovic is the favorite to win the U.S. Open. However, he has never won the U.S. Open. Will he finally take one and win three slams in one year, matching Nadal and Federer for that feat? Judging from the result in Montreal, with Nadal, Fed and Murray losing early, it's high time for those guys to turn it around.

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We shall see - I think Nole has Cincy in the bag now.

Check out this new thread I started to take the discussion from here:


Not much of an advantage the anglers have against the bashers and s and volleyers today! Fed and Nadal had that nickname of great anglers down in my book.

If I were to equate, Nadal is rock, Fed is scissors, and Djoko is paper. Nadal has rock solid mental toughness and physicality, Fed has the slice and finesse and placement of a scissor, and Djoko has the the standard "by the book" Western drive forehand which "wraps" around the ball with heavy top and pace.

But anyways, I was disappointed in Nadal's and Fed's lackluster performances today. I really liked how Fish and Berdych showed their come uppance.

Well Djoko has elevated his game into another level.These days he's added some major oomph to that forehand so all opponents need to respect both wings. Despite retiring against Murray today and I hope he does get enough time to recuperate, he still is probably the favorite to win the USO this year.
I believe Djoko has compacted his forehand so it operates more linear than before. He used to windup much more in a circular path and the racquet face would hang facing the back face much longer. Now you only see his racquet face very briefly pointed to the back fence on a vertical position. More linear, more directional control.

not just control but more velocity as well.. i remember him just thumping several forehands past federer in his last couple of matches..

Yes, more velocity because it is more linear. He is hitting through much better.


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