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With a 53-1 record and 9 titles to his name, Djokovic is the favorite to win the U.S. Open. However, he has never won the U.S. Open. Will he finally take one and win three slams in one year, matching Nadal and Federer for that feat? Judging from the result in Montreal, with Nadal, Fed and Murray losing early, it's high time for those guys to turn it around.

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Only Federer knows how to beat Djokovic.  Not saying he will but he has more chance than anyone else.


Nadal has very little chance of beating Djokovic.  Nadal only won french because he didn't have to play Djokovic.

If Nadal makes the adjustments he needs to beat Djokovic, then he can. He needs to return and serve better, and not allow Djoko to dictate rallies with his superior backhand.

It was not a year ago, when it was the other way around. Djokovic is now the superior player head to head, but it's up to Nadal to change his game up.

Only Federer knows how to beat Djokovic. LIKE

I agree with you and Tim.  I actually think the gap between Nole and Rafa is bigger than it looks (at least bigger than Tim thinks.)    Next round is easy for NOle (over monfils or kohlshreiber), and assuming Fed gets by Berdych then we will all get to see Nole vs Fed again!  I am SOOOO looking forward to it!


Well, I think the gap is as big as I believe only because Rafa is a true blood and guts competitor. He will step up to the plate over and over and put everything on the line.

But that Nadal serve needs a serious revamp, starting with his face forward, front foot forward stance. Well, maybe you're right, Mark. ;)

Federer can give Djokovic a shot if he can get through guys like tsonga and berdych in the quarters.  Those big servers have given him more trouble than djokovic in recent years, imo.


Since US open last year, Federer has beaten Djokovic 2 or 3 straight times before djokovic went on his amazing run.

Federer has the ability to beat Djokovic because he hits earlier and more forward into the court. His swings take less time and his serve placement is superior to Djokovic.

If Fed would make his return game and forehand more aggressive, then he would get through the big servers. Instead, he is too conservative. I was hoping Annacone would force him to rip shots like he did in the 2010 Masters, but I see Annacone has lost his coach's grip on Fed.

yeah Federer was too good for his own good.  I really hope he changes his racquet for one thing.


It's too heavy and small for him now.  that racquet is the one of the hardest racquet to hit with.


Even Tsonga is using a much bigger and lighter racquet.

I used to be about as stubborn about hanging onto my Head Prestige Classic (355 grams) or Head Radical Tour (360+grams). But now that I've switched to the Head Youtek Prestige Mid (345 grams), even though it is still 93 square inches, the difference in racquet head speed changed my game considerably.

I would go to a 98 if it had the same scalpel like feel, but haven't found a 98 that does that. It's hard to let go of a thin beam either. If you're a control player like Fed, you want a control racquet.

But I agree in part, he would benefit going to a more forgiving racquet. Even Sampras admitted he should've changed racquets in the later phase of his career.

I love my kblade 98 which has a very thin beam for today's racquets. 

I agree, Fed should step up to a 95 or even a 98" like Tsonga.

I like to think of the big 3 as rock, paper, scissors. I think the gap between those 3 and murray is big. Nole is too quick to lose to Rafa on hard courts with all the topspin he hits with. I think Rafa used to be able to wear Nole down, but his fitness has improved far too much for that to be a factor now. Rafa, though, can still get fed with the high, heavy ball to fed's backhand. If Fed can calm down and not let his pride force him to go for more than he has to, like Chris said Fed taking to ball early and doing damage with his serve and forehand will make him the force his once was against Nole.


Either way, I think we can all agree that the finals just aren't the same without a lineup involving two of those three names.

Cordell, did you miss the news?  :-)   Fed and Rafa were both just knocked out of Cincy today - this makes two big tournaments in a row where they were both knocked out before the semis.  There is a change a brewing.  Rock, paper, scissors just turned into Scissors, scissors, scissors.

I actually just read that right now. I'd say Rafa had more of an excuse with the extreme play day he had, but wow................I'm sure we can both agree, though, that beating either Rafa or Federer in best of 3 is an entirely different story than doing it in best of 5. Either way, its clear that the top 10 are learning how to beat them..Fed more than Nadal, but once upon a time the only ones that could beat fed and nadal were fed and nadal lol. I think my rock, paper, scissors analogy will work for the Open :D


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